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In Heroes, NBC on 04/13/2009 at 3:30 pm

I somehow forgot to mention Heroes in my previous post. After they fired the writing staff a few months back I was worried about continuity. I wasn’t sure a new team could pick up where the previous left off and keep the quality. Granted, things were getting a bit slow, so I’m happy they made the change and things seem to be picking up.

I’ve been really enjoying the Rebel story line. They should have created a promotional campaign around it – I think it could have rivaled “Save The Cheerleader, Save The World“. I’m picturing NBC Nightly News commercials being hacked into, ghost text messages to fans, et al. Anyone at NBC listening? Probably not.

Last week’s episode ended with Petrelli family in some kind of abandoned compound called Coyote Sands, lover lorn duo Danko and Noah at war and Ando and Hiro delivering Baby Matt Parkman to Matt Parkman.

I’m guessing Coyote Sands is either where they created the superhumans or an internment camp from a previously failed attempt to corral them. The Matt Parkman Sr. and Jr. storyline could be exciting. I’d love to see what happens when they, er, work together…as much as a toddler can participate with an adult and I’m guessing Noah is on his way to Coyote Sands to team up with the Petrelli’s and Mohinder (who set his sites on the compound last week) to officially declare war on Danko. Exciting.

Heoes on iTunes.

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