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Elisha Cuthbert On 24

In 24, Elisha Cuthbert on 04/14/2009 at 3:11 am

So I was right. Elisha Cuthbert returned to 24 as Kim Bauer this evening. For a whole 5 minutes. I can’t imagine that’s her entire run. There must be more coming in future episodes. I doubt she would give up that easily and was expecting to see her pop up again in the doctor’s office, defying her father. Perhaps that’s coming up.

The episode itself was good. Tony Almeida brought forth the heroism only to double back and re-bad guy himself at the last second. I can’t understand why on earth he would destroy all those rockets and save the day only to continue the threat. I suppose he must have a specific demand in mind and didn’t much care for Starkwood‘s reasons. What could he want so badly that he’s willing to unleash a bio weapon? Hopefully this isn’t his ploy to get out of any punishment he expects for his earlier actions. If so, too bad he doesn’t know Jack suggested leniency to the president, who agreed.

I doubt we’ve seen the end of nutbag Jonas Hodges, too. What on earth he meant when he called himself “a small cog in a large machine” I have no idea. I just figure it can’t be very good. Anyone remember what time the day started? 7am, I believe. Doesn’t leave much time for “a large machine”.

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