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Hung Vs. Matt & Kim

In HBO, Hung, Matt and Kim, Theme Songs on 06/22/2009 at 5:58 pm

HBO has given us a sneak peak at the opening credits for it’s newest original series, Hung. Everything starts off normal enough with a river and city view, everyday life amidst downtown architecture. Right around 17 seconds the lead actor, Thomas Jane, begins taking off his tie and throws it to the ground, his jacket hits pavement just ten seconds later and…wait a minute. Haven’t I seen this already?

Why yes, we have: it’s the premise of a Matt & Kim video.

I don’t know much about the musical duo, other than that catchy tune featured in Bacardi commericals and this:

Granted Hung‘s trailer is scripted and filmed legally, but hey…you know…You guys couldn’t have come up with something better?

I am not one for opening credits. I prefer shows go without them but we’re talking HBO here – probably the one network with opening credits that don’t suck. True Blood‘s bluesy, dirty, gritty intro, The Sopranos Garden State tour, Entourage‘s blaring Janes Addiction fist pumper “Oh Yeah!, Oh Yeah!” – all perfect ways to start a show…but stealing your intro from a hipster pop duo? At least they had the balls and creativity to do it for real.

P.S. Each time I type Thomas Jane, I think of The Mentalist main character Patrick Jane. Not sure why I just typed that, though.

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