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Welcome Back, Eureka!

In Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Sci-Fi, Summer Schedule, SyFy on 07/11/2009 at 2:11 pm

DVR Life really wanted to get this up yesterday, you know, before the show came back, but we were having nicotine fits or something. It’s never too late to welcome back an old friend, though.

Things may have shifted a bit on the show, what with Carter not being Sheriff anymore, and even in the real world surrounding the show, with SyFy being the new official name of the Sci…well, what was the Sci-Fi network, but the show is back and quirky as ever.

The series’ easy breezy story lines and grin-inducing verbal patter tends to get a lot of flack in the science fiction world as being mindless or labeled the kind of show you zone out on. We think that’s a load of bull, though.

While the premise and story lines may not lead to mock UN sessions like Battlestar Galactica, the production values are of a decent level and feature some fantastic visual effects, especially for a show of it’s size. It’s also fun and witty and one of the few science fiction shows we could watch with our mothers (and that’s a good thing – we love our moms).

The basic idea is this: not every show needs to explore the greater intricacies of the human condition or blah blah. It’s good to have some sci-fi that elicits a giggle or two, wows us with non-killer robots and oddball experiments gone wrong. We heart Eureka for giving us a laugh, an escape and good science fiction all at the same time.

If you missed the return of of Eureka last night, fear not. Set your DVR’s as the first episode of season 4 is being replayed on SyFy Tuesday at 8pm and then again Friday at 8pm.

The next new episode of Eureka airs on SyFy Friday at 9pm.

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