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Really?!? Amy Poehler Back At Weekend Update

In 2009 Fall Season, Comedy, Community, NBC, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, SNL Weekend Update Thurs Edition, The Office, Weekend Update on 07/30/2009 at 1:56 pm
Amy Poehler At The Anchor Desk

Amy Poehler Returns To SNL Weekend Update This Fall

Michael Ausiello, the master of TV related scoops, of course, has announced that Amy Poehler is headed back to the SNL Weekend Update desk this fall. In a master stroke of corporate synergy genius, Poehler will be sharing the anchor desk once again with old pal Seth Myers during the first and second weeks of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday starting September 17th.

The first episode of SNL WUT (sounds like something Amy & Seth would rap about, right?) will premiere at 8pm September 17th, right before the second season premiere of Poehler’s Parks and Recreation (which is then followed by the premiers of The Office and Community – gonna be a big night for comedy, eh?).  SNL WUT is scheduled for a three week run and, according to Ausiello, Poehler’s only doing the first two weeks…Seems odd they wouldn’t go for the trifecta.



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  1. It sucks that it’s on the Thursday edition that will be buried by Dramas, and it sucks that it’s only for a few episodes in hopes of boosting P&R.

  2. […] kicks off at 8pm with SNL Weekend Update Thursday Edition.  Don’t forget that Amy Poehler will make guest appearances in atleast two of the three upcoming episodes of SNL WUTE.  Not to distract from her scripted […]

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