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Welcome Back, Greek!

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I never would have expected to fall in love with a show on ABC Family series that revolves around the college Greek system!  Greek returns this evening for it’s third season.  Here’s hoping they don’t stretch the whole will-they/won’t-they situation between Cappie and Casey for too long!  Beware of the previews below: there’s a spoiler or  two!  We’re actually kinda bummed we watched them.  We don’t usually expect such blantant spoilerism from promo trailers, but I guess that’s the risk of running a TV blog!

And if you need a little something to tide you over, head on to the Greek portion of the ABC Family webiste and take the Which Greek Character Are You Quiz.  I got Cappie!

The Winner!

Greek returns to ABC Family Tonight, August 31st at 9pm.


Rescue Me Ends 2011

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Rescue Me

TV Guide is reporting that FX has set an end date for Resuce Me.  The post-9/11 NYFD series will, apropriately, wrap up in 2011.  Since the series was inspired by the post-traumatic experiences of New York firefighters, show co-creator Peter Tolan told that FX has ordered 19 new episodes, which begin production soon.  The network seems to be shooting for a series finale somewhere in the vicinity of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  According to his math, “…if you put 10 episodes on next year and nine the following year, you’ll land there.”

The fifth season finale of Rescue Me airs next Tuesday September 1st at 10pm on FX.

Rescue Me 2

Dr. House vs. Dr. Lightman

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There’s been a flurry of new promotional trailers coming out of Fox lately.  The first two feature both House and Lie To Me, which are airing back to back this season.  The third is just a new House trailer.  There’s about 10 different versions of new House promos, but we’ll let you search those out on your own.  It gets a bit tiresome posting all these promos.  Why do we do it?  Well, one of the great things about DVR’s is you get to skip all the commercials.  The downside…well, if DVR’s were to have a downside, one tiny little one might be that you miss even the commercials you wouldn’t mind seeing…

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Supernatural – O’ Death

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Didn’t we just do this?  Yes, we did!  The CW has posted another Supernatural trailer.  We try to avoid using the word “sick” except for in very special occasions and, well, this seems to constitute one.  So yeah, this is a pretty sick promo for a great show.  It features lot’s of intense footage and a cover of the song “O’ Death”.  While we would have preferred the O’ Brother Where Art Thou version, we’ll take what get.

Supernatural returns to The CW for it’s fifth (and rumored to be final?) season on Thursday September 10th at 9pm.

TNT Renews Leverage

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TNT announced today that they’ve picked up sophomore super-hit Leverage for a third season.  The network has order 15 new episodes and the series is set to return in the summer of 2010.  The Robin Hood-esque clan of grifters managed an impressive average of 3.9 million weekly viewers in it’s freshman run and, not surprisngly, that number has grown to 4.1 million for their sophomore season.

The series was also ranked as the ninth most watch show this summer and TNT scored well on the list, too, being the second most watched ad-supported cable network of the summer season.  That’s a pretty big achievement considering this has been the biggest, and most watched, summer in television history.  So congrats to you, TNT and Leverage.  Looking forward to seeing you next July.

The second season of Leverage continues each Tuesday at 9pm on TNT until it’s season finale on September 9th.

Melissa McCarthy Joins ABC’s Hank!

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Melissa McCarthy

We love it when favorite actors of ours find new roles!  Michael Ausiello broke the word yesterday that Melissa McCarthy has been hired to appear in Kelsey Grammer’s upcoming ABC sitcom Hank.  She’s set to takeover a reccurring role as Dawn, Kelsey Grammer’s sister-in-law.  We last saw Melissa as Dena on ABC’s recently ended Samantha Who?, though we of course fell in love with her as Sookie St. James, brilliant chef and talkative best friend of Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.

You can see a preview of Hank that we posted last month here.

Hank premieres on ABC Wednesday September 30th at 8pm.

The Office Season 6 Promo

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The Office


While it’s not as cute as those on-set photos of Pam in her wedding gown, a new promotional trailer for both The Office and Community is damn exciting by our standards.  We’ve been big fans of both the U.S. and U.K. inceptions of The Office and, since viewing the pilot, suspect we’re going to be huge fans of Community, as well.

While NBC has become known as the go-to network for crappy remakes, imports and bad programming choices, we are fully aware of the networks record when it comes to good sitcoms.  Put up against any other network and NBC gets the highest marks for not only picking up the best of the best, but also giving those great comedies a chance to prove themselves.  Brilliant comedies like The Office, Seinfeld, or 30 Rock probably would have never survived had they been on any of the other broadcast networks.  For that, we do grant respect and look forward to their new and returning sitcoms this fall season…Even if they did cancel My Name Is Earl .

The Office returns for it’s sixth season and Community premieres for it’s first on Thursday September 17th at 9 and 9:30pm.  Community will move to it’s regular 8pm timeslot on Thursday October 8th.

Vampire Diaries – Squeamish

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Vampire Diaries

I am not gonna lie – of all the teen soaps set to premiere this fall I’m most looking forward to Vampire Diaries.  From the trailers and promotional material I’ve come across, it seems to have a very Roswell meets One Tree Hill with vampires quality to it.  I dig all three of those factors, so I’m guessing it’ll be looked forward to on a weekly basis.  Plus it’s teamed up with Supernatural, so it’s gonna be a very horrorific evening each and every Thursday.

Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday September 10th at 8pm on The CW, followed by the season fifth premiere of Supernatural.

TV On DVD September

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Along with being the biggest month of the year for both series and season premiere’s for TV, September is also one of the biggest months for TV on DVD releases.  Don’t ask us why.  We think it’s kinda stupid to wait until September as, like we’ve already pointed out, the month is crammed with plenty of stuff to watch on TV AND it doesn’t give people much time to catch up before the next season begins, beyond the fact that it’s a wallet-buster.  It’s a massive month of overload, in our book.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be excited!  We’re especially looking forward to Fox’s mind-bending first season of Fringe, the fourth season of The CW’s cult-hit Supernatural (on blu-ray to boot!), Canadian sci-fi lite dramedy Being Erica‘s first season and, of course, the third season of NBC’s comedy giant 30 Rock.

In anticipation of the release of Fringe‘s first season on September 8th, they setup a cool website in which you can enter to win a visit to the show’s set in Vancouver, among other things.  Once you enter  you can watch a video about the difficulties of filming the episode The Ghost Network and then play a game which, if you answer correctly, gives you five extra entries into that set visit contest.  And here’s a little hint for our readers: you may wanna brush up on some episodes of ABC Family’s Greek for some help on the game.  Check out the site:

See September TV on DVD releases after the jump:

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Preview: ABC’s The Forgotten

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We here at DVR Life like to think we catch a lot of what’s going on in the TV world but this show has kinda slipped by.  Not many people have been talking about it, though we did start catching some commercials lately.  It’s certainly hasn’t been getting the exposure other upcoming ABC series has been, like Modern Family or Hank and especially not Flash Forward – that show’s been everywhere!  It also hasn’t been getting the hype most Bruckheimer shows get.  We’re especially surprised we didn’t catch any big press releases or “exclusives” when Christian Slater was cast.  If we’re not mistaken, the original pilot features some non-Slater actor in the part.

MTV Imports Skins

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We’re not sure if we should be excited about this or not.  MTV has announced that they’ve secured the rights to produce and broadcast a U.S. version of DVR Life’s favorite teen soap, Skins.  The original brit-com is chock full of kids swearing and having sex and doing drugs – everything actual teenagers do. 

As we’ve said before, the series is about as close as any TV show has come to matching our actual teen years.  That’s a pretty significantly awesome thing in our book.  We’re hesitant at the thought of a U.S. network, burdened by much stricter obscenity laws and dogged by the religious right, remaking the series.

From the moment we first saw Skins on BBC America, it was love at first sight, even with all the edited language and blurred body parts.  Then we wondered when someone would make a U.S. version.  As season one and two ended and an extended haitus came about before they aired season three (which just finally premiere August 6th – still airing each Thursday at 9pm on BBC America), we thought a U.S. version would never happen…And didn’t really mind that much.  The original is so fantastic and, upon months of contemplation, we came to the firm opinion that there was no U.S. network, broadcast, cable or pay, that could do the series justice.

All this time, though, apparently MTV and The CW were battling it out for the rights to create a U.S. version of the series.  Not sure why it took two years for the brits to give the go ahead but I think maybe they made the correct choice.  While The CW is the go-to network for bitchy teen dramas, their limited broadcast hours would force the show into either an 8 or 9pm time slot, which, especially for a broadcast network, would limit how much producers and writers could get away with.

Over at MTV, there’s talk of the new series being broadcast during late night hours, which would free the creative team up a bit.  Their cable status also lends a bit more leeway to the situation.  According to that Live Feed article, the network has other “boundary pushing” scripted fair in the works that the series could be paired with.  Perhaps we’re seeing the birth of a good thing here.  Late night teen dramas sounds like a fascinating option to me and, thinking back to my high school years, would have really liked late night options.

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The Beautiful Life Trailer

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The Beautiful Life

Well, we didn’t bother posting about those ridiculous promotional posters The CW released for The Beautiful Life last week,  We realize a cheap promotional ploy when we see one.  We do dig this trailer, though.  And hey!  It actually reminded us that Miss Barton is a part of the cast.  All recent promotion for the show has…mysteriously…left her out.

The Beautiful Life premieres Wednesday September 16th at 9pm on The CW.

House Season 6 Trailers

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If you thought that big bunch of House promotional photos we posted yesterday was cool, you’re gonna love these!  The two official trailers Fox released this summer.  The first popped up in mid July or so and the second premiered this month.  The song’s the same and so is much of the beginning, but there’s a lot of new footage in the second trailer.  The third trailer is the only of the three to be officially posted by Fox.  It’s the same as the first with a different score.  Looks like they’ll be some exciting times at the institution!

House returns with a two-hour season premiere for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm on Fox.

House Season Promotional Photos

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House!  Lot’s of House!  The entire cast of House!  They’re season 6 promotional photos released by the network.  We got em via  Not sure if that’s an official site or not.  It should be.  Their Daily House-isms are a fun read and, which we know is an official site, is kinda lame.  Despite the witty address and awesome picture, it’s just a countdown clock for the season premiere.


House returns with a two-hour season premiere for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm on Fox.  Promo pics for the entire cast after the jump!

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Smallville Season 9 Trailer & Fan Art

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Smallville Season 9

We’ve had a couple of Smallville related posts popping up here at DVR Life, haven’t we?  First (and most importantly), there’s our Smallville Season 8 DVD contest, our sneak-peek at Brian Austin-Green as Metallo, and now we have a trailer for season 9!  We also thought we’d throw in some fan art we came across just for fun.

First up, though, the trailer.  It’s a pretty lo-fi TV rip, unfortunately.  For some reason, The CW has yet to post an official trailer on their youtube channel – at first glance it may seem odd because they’re using the channel to push all their others shows pretty hard, but when you think about, the network seems to have given up on the show for some reason.  Evidence?  Check the new Friday night timeslot.  It’s sad the network would treat such a long running show that way, but hey, what you do expect from a broadcast network, right?

(Update: Two days after that last paragraph was written and the day it was posted, The CW actually did upload this trailer.  So it’s here now, in better quality than before.  Way to finally get with it, CW.)

Anyway, the trailer is pretty rad.  You get a look at Clark’s new outfit and a sense of what’s to come.  Looks like Clark’s struggle between his alien and human sides is going to reach a boiling point.

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Bored To Death Promo!

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Bored To Death

Ok, Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson, Parker Posey, Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig.  What else could you possibly want out of a 42 second promotional trailer?  With that lineup, this trailer and knowing HBO, we’re expecting greatness and predicting another big hit.  We’re also thinking the network did the show and the audience a solid by pairing it up with Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Bored To Death debuts Sunday September 20th at 9:30pm on HBO after the seventh season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

New Heroes Trailer

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Heroes - Redemption

After the disaster that is the new poster, we’re pretty glad to see this official trailer for the upcoming season of Heroes.  The producers and network seem to be using this promo to assure fans that the show is returning to it’s roots of “everyday people with extraordinary abilities.”  Here’s hoping it works.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Promos

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

It’s nearly time to get awkward!  Just a few more weeks until Curb Your Enthusiasm brings the discomfort back to HBO.  Who would have thought stretching cringe-inducing situations across 20 plus minutes would be a recipe for brilliance?  Larry David, that’s who.

HBO released two new promotional trailers for the return of the comedy.  It seems like forever ago that season six ended and we’re so glad to have it back!

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO on Sunday September 20th at 9pm.

Fringe Trailers!

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In case you missed them, you can check out the poster for Fringe‘s second season here.

Fringe returns to Fox Thursday September 17th at 9pm.

New Three Rivers Promos

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CBS has released a new promotional trailers for their upcoming medical drama Three Rivers.  The series, set in Pittsburgh, is is about the world of organ transplants, seen from all three sides.  Unfortunately, these are more promo reels than a trailers, but we’ll take what we can get.  Good to see The L Word’s Katherine Moennig returning to the world of TV.

For more info on the show’s characters, videos, etc, check out this blog.  It seems to be a network run blog, though there’s nothing identifying it as so.  I somehow doubt anyone but the network would devote such time to a blog based on a series that’s still technically in production.

A general promo for the series:

And Alex O’ Laughlin talking about his character

Three Rivers premieres Sunday October 4th at 9pm on CBS.

New Nip/Tuck Promo

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FX released a new promotional trailer for ultra-soapy, oft-graphic drama Nip/Tuck.  We have to admit that after last season’s Kanye West video-cum-commercial, we’re a bit disappointed.  Maybe it’s the lack of Busby Berkeley dance choreography, or maybe we’re just not fans of Timbaland (We’re not.  We really do prefer Kanye West).  The trailer, though, is creepy with all the strings and tying and untying of girls…Plus it’s in that over-exposed, hyper-stylized Nip/Tuck fashion that’s equally gorgeous and disturbing.

Nip/Tuck returns to FX on Wednesday October 14th at 10pm.

New Promo for The Good Wife

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The Good Wife

Hey!  A new promotional trailer for CBS’ The Good Wife!  There’s really only a tiny bit of new footage, and even that’s not much more than a shadowy sex scene, but we’re really looking forward to the arrival of this show.  I’m getting a bit worried that CBS is playing up the scandal part of the series a bit too much.  Granted it is the catalyst for the series, but the main plotline, I believe, is about Juliana Marguilies’ character going back to work after the scandal.  Here’s hoping they don’t fool people into watching for the scandal and then bailing when most of the series is legal-based.  Eh, we’ll let CBS do their job and hope for the best.

The Good Wife premieres on CBS 10pm Tuesday September 22nd.

New One Tree Hill Promos

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One Tree Hill

Two new promotional trailers for The CW’s soapy One Tree Hill.  We don’t wanna spoil anything but these promos hint towards some Nathan infidelity – yikes!  The second trailer closely resembles the first 2009 season promo we posted a while back, but the Nathan/Haley exchange is new.  Since that one was released first, it didn’t make much sense until we saw the other with the question of Nate sleeping with someone (please say it ain’t so!).

One Tree Hill returns for it’s seventh season Monday September 24th at it’s new time, 8pm.

Pam In Her Wedding Gown!

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The Office

DVR Life is not one for spoilers – we kinda hate em.  Last week, while watching the season finale of Top Chef Masters on our DVR, just a few hours after the show had aired live, one of twitter buddies tweeted and congrats tweet to the winner, chef’s name and all!  Man, were we outraged!  They ruined the whole damn show for us!  We were only about twelve minutes in to the finale after watching the show for however many weeks it was on and bam!  They ruined it for us.  Geez we’re still pissed.

Anyway, we tend to avoid spoilers at all cost.  Every once in a while, though, we hear about something and weigh the consequences: will this ruin any built up excitement we have?  Could this information make the story less exciting?

Well, we heard this was a photo out there (via Spoiler TV) featuring Jenna Fischer all dressed up in a wedding gown on the set of The Office.  We weighed the consequences and decided seeing Pam in her dress would not ruin anything – in fact it would built anticipation for us!  So we took a look and though some of our reader might wanna, as well.

We are, however, putting it behind a jump, just in case you don’t wanna spoil anything:

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New Poster For The Mentalist

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The Mentalist

Let them begin, indeed!  Pretty slick new artwork from CBS for last years biggest freshman hit, The Mentalist.  After last years big numbers and critical recognition, I’m sure the network has some big hopes for the series.  And note to The Mentalist producers and writers: don’t let the Psych ribbing get you down.  They may have been first but in our humble opinion, you do it better.  Besides, I didn’t think of the comparisons until they pointed them out.

The Mentalist returns, as the poster says, for it’s second season Thursday September 24th at 10pm on CBS.