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Killer New Dexter Promo

In 2009 Fall Season, Dexter, Preview, Showtime on 08/05/2009 at 11:43 pm

I Love You, Daddy.

Brilliant new promo for the upcoming fourth season of Dexter. If you missed it, Showtime also debuted a promo at comic-con a week or two ago, but that was more of a teaser trailer while this is a commercial. And a damn good one at that. As TV Squad pointed out, this made them wanna rush out and buy the DVD’s.

Coincidentally, we here at DVR Life learned the day before last that Showtime currently has all 3 seasons of Dexter available for On Demand viewing. So then…what do you think we’ve been doing the last two days? Yep, we’re five episodes into season 2 and watching Dexter de-blood his boat at this very moment.

Check out the new ad, which, we’ll say again, is rather brilliant. Great music (Queen & Bowie), wonderful cinematography and the show’s usual sly humor.

Also, for you toy geeks out there, you can pre-order both of the Dexter action figures from Showtime’s webpage. We prefer the regular everyday Dexter, we do have to admit that the Dark Defender version that was made for comic-con is pretty rad, too. The figures will be ready to ship August 13th which is..hey, look at that! One day after my birthday (hint, hint).


P.S. Sorry for the lame headline.

  1. […] do here.  I will say that the episode was pretty much exactly what I had expected after watching the season 4 trailer.  Just thought you might wanna know it’s out there so you can decide for yourself if you […]

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