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Skins Returns!

In BBC America, British TV, Skins, Teen Soaps on 08/05/2009 at 10:27 pm


Looking for some teenage angst mixed with raunchy good times? U.S. teen soaps not fulfilling your drama needs? BBC America’s got your back, then, with the return of Skins. If you watched the previous two seasons on BBC America, you should probably have a seat then, because we have to break some bad news to you: Tony, Sid, Anwar, Cassie, Maxxie and all the others you came to love and laugh at…they’ve all gone now. To university, to the states, to the city. They’ve graduated and scattered to far corners.

We have a new generation now, lead by Tony’s younger sister, Effy. I’m sure you remember her – she started showing up a bit now and then after Tony’s accident last season. We’re sure Effy and the new gang will be just as boisterous, flamboyant, f’ed-up and helpless as the last gang, but its gonna take some time getting used to.

To help you out with this transition, BBC America has set up an ‘Orientation’ page for us. Time to study.

While the show is often over the top, it’s still a brutally honest portrayal of teen life. You can read our previous thoughts on that topic here.

Season three of Skins debuts on BBC America Thursday, August 6th at 9pm.

R.I.P. Skins generation 1:



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