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Just a quick little post about some of the fun multimedia type things going on at lately.  We first thought this would be post worthy when we recieved an email from The Mosaic Collective touting their new webpage.  Remember The Mosaic Collective?  We all signed up for their email list when those creepy commercials showed up during the 100th episode of Lost last season.  Yeah, now you remember.  They have another website now:

Lot’s of fun things to do on the new website.  It explains the concept of the show a bit more in depth, you can read others’ flashes in a few chart styles or on a globe, catch some videos, even document your own flash, if you so chose.  From there you can make your way to the Truth Hack site, which is a video blog/twitter feed about the global blackout (or GBO as the show has coined it).  Here’s Truth Hack’s first post:

Between those two sites and their respective youtube channels, you’ve got hours worth of videos and good stuff to check out.

If you’re more in the mood to curl up with a book on the couch, we wanted to remind everyone about the Nikki Heat book being published in anticipation of the upcoming second season of Castle.  Take a look at our earlier post about the novel here, if you missed it at the time, then go here to check out the novel.  They’ve already posted chapters one and two in nifty PDF files for your reading pleasure.

Finally, they’re trying to sign up Peace Ambassadors in anticipation of V, though we can’t get the ‘click here to sign up’ button work.  How bout you?


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