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TNT Gives Leverage Extended Season

In 2010 Winter Schedule, Leverage, Summer Schedule, TNT on 08/19/2009 at 1:28 pm


TNT’s Leverage has been doing a pretty bang up job this summer.  Like most original series airing on cable this summer, the show has been kicking broadcast network butt and has managed to avoid any semblence of a sophomore slump.  After last season’s finale, where Nate dispersed the team and blew up their clubhouse…Well, that seems like the kinda thing a show does as a series finale, as opposed to a season finale.  I wasn’t quite sure how they’d pull the show back together, but as TV Squad pointed out, it was actually kind of a god-send.

TNT has thus announced plans to extend this very happy summer season by two more episodes, to air September 2nd and 9th, respectively.  That still leaves us with six new episodes that will most likely air this winter…Say January 2010, or so.  Here’s hoping they magically come up with four or five new episodes to extend the winter run, right?  Let’s just forget everything we know about TV production and keep our fingers crossed.

Glad TNT had a chance to give us some good news this week as opposed to the bummer of an announcement they made regarding Saving Grace at the end of last week.

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