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Smallville Season 9 Trailer & Fan Art

In 2009 Fall Season, Smallville, The CW on 08/25/2009 at 3:38 pm

Smallville Season 9

We’ve had a couple of Smallville related posts popping up here at DVR Life, haven’t we?  First (and most importantly), there’s our Smallville Season 8 DVD contest, our sneak-peek at Brian Austin-Green as Metallo, and now we have a trailer for season 9!  We also thought we’d throw in some fan art we came across just for fun.

First up, though, the trailer.  It’s a pretty lo-fi TV rip, unfortunately.  For some reason, The CW has yet to post an official trailer on their youtube channel – at first glance it may seem odd because they’re using the channel to push all their others shows pretty hard, but when you think about, the network seems to have given up on the show for some reason.  Evidence?  Check the new Friday night timeslot.  It’s sad the network would treat such a long running show that way, but hey, what you do expect from a broadcast network, right?

(Update: Two days after that last paragraph was written and the day it was posted, The CW actually did upload this trailer.  So it’s here now, in better quality than before.  Way to finally get with it, CW.)

Anyway, the trailer is pretty rad.  You get a look at Clark’s new outfit and a sense of what’s to come.  Looks like Clark’s struggle between his alien and human sides is going to reach a boiling point.

As a special little bonus, we thought we’d post some fan art we found via a google image search.  The second, which looks pretty damn good, almost fooled us.  We got a bit excited thinking The CW had released a new, not lame poster for the ninth season, unlike the super lame, generic poster  above.  Then we realized the artist acidentally left the old Thursday night timeslot information.  Oops!

We’re also not sure if it’s been officially announced that Darkseid will be appearing in season 9.  Did they make that announcement?  Anyone?  We heard rumors in the spring but that was it.  We’re assuming, though, with that picture, at sometime they must have confirmed and released that shot.  Cool.



Smallville returns to The CW for it’s 9th season in siberia on Friday September 25th at 9pm.

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