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Chuck <3's Superman?

In 2010 Spring Schedule, Chuck, Lois & Clark, NBC, Smallville, The CW on 09/03/2009 at 12:34 pm


The producers of Chuck must have some Superman love in their hearts!  Kristen Kreuk, formerly known as Lana Lang on The CW’s Smallville, has just been cast in the part of a new character named Hannah.  She and Chuck are slated to meet on a Paris-bound flight and, having recently been laid-off from a publishing firm, takes up a position at The Buy More.  I’m sure the Nerd Herd will enjoy that.  Expect Hannah to be around for a few episodes.

The casting of one former Smallville actor does not a crush make, you say?  But wait!  A few days prior to the announcement of Ms. Kreuk’s casting, NBC announced the casting of an actual Superman: Brandon Routh, who starred in Superman Returns.  He’s set to star as a mysterious spy (is there any other kind?) named Shaw that takes charge of Operation Bartowski.

Now if they could only get Dean Cain or Teri Hatcher from Lois & Clark to guest star and Chuck will have all Superman related platforms covered!

Chuck returns for it’s third season sometime in March 2010 on NBC.


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