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Zachary Quinto Gets A Little Crazy (NSFW)

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I think this might be our very first R-rated post!  Just to warn you upfront, this video is so very NOT SAFE FOR WORK or WATCHING IN FRONT OF YOU MOM.  Make sure you lock the door or put your headphones on.  Whatever you gotta do.

What we have here is Mr. Zachary Quinto, better known as evil-badass Sylar on NBC’s Heroes.  The video comes off as a kind of absurdist Pulp Fiction-esque good time.  He curses a whole lot and threatens people like there’s not tomorrow.  Lot’s of screaming and an ending that was rather predictible but completely unavoidable.  It’s pretty funny so get your lol’s and start rofl’ing.

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Heroes returns with a two hour premiere for it’s fourth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm on NBC.


Jimmy Fallon’s TV Show Mashups

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

With the upcoming fall season, Jimmy Fallon shared a few ideas for network programmers on Late Night last night.  Perhaps the new “staight-to-series international co-production model” networks tried this summer is on it’s way out.  Judging by Mental and Defying Gravity‘s ratings, it didn’t seem to work out so well, anyway.

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:35am on NBC.

The Vampire Diaries: A Darker Truth

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Vampire Diaries

The CW posted the third episode of A Darker Truth, a pre-Vampire Diaries web series.  Each episode is about one and a half to two minutes in length and follows a kid looking for revenge against his sister’s murder, Stefan Salvatore.  The dialogue is heavy-handed and the acting leaves much to be desired, but hey, it’s a web series.  What do you expect, right?  I assume they’ll release a fourth and final episode sometime before the premiere.  We’ll try to keep an eye for it.

The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday September 10th at 8pm on The CW.

New House Poster

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Pretty nifty new poster for season six of House.  The good doctor is a bit tied up in a giant scary snake.  Here’s hoping for Hugh Laurie’s sake that this is all computer animation.  When Jon Hamm sits waist deep in water for a photo shoot, it’s kinda cool.  When someone lets a giant anaconda-esque thing get a death-grip on them…not so cool.  According to Ausiello, this is the final piece of the Snakes On A Cane campaign.

In case you missed them: House season 6 promotional trailers and cast photos.

As an added bonus, I thought I’d throw in a little behind the scenes video on the building of the mental institution for the above Snakes On A Cane webpage:

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House returns to Fox for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm with a two hour season premiere.

The CW: Double Double Teasers: MP & TBL

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Melrose Place

As you see above there’s a new last minute poster for The CW’s upcoming Melrose Place remake.  The photo’s was used in a previous poster, but it’s been updated with that catchy little “See You Next Tuesday” tagline.  Down below we have two double promotional trailers for Melrose and The CW’s other new hot-boys-&-girls-athon, The Beautiful Life.  I’m kinda surprised these two shows weren’t paired together.  I think they’d go better together than the disapointingly terrible 90210 remake.  Who would have thought that show would make it to a second year?  Don’t worry, though, from what we hear the Melrose remake is much better than the 90210 one.

Melrose Place premieres Tuesday September 18th at 9pm & The Beautiful Life premieres Wednesday September 16th at 9pm  on The CW.