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Durham County Arrives Stateside

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, Canadian TV, Durham County, Flashpoint on 09/07/2009 at 1:47 pm

Durham County

Looking for some murderous drama?  Missing Flashpoint?  Good news, folks: This evening Ion Televison begins importing season 1 of Durham County.  The series is a Canadian production starring Hugh Dillon, best known in the states as Ed Lane on CBS’ import hit Flashpoint, as Toronto homicide cop Mike Sweeney.  Stressed and under pressure from the death of his partner and his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, he takes his family to the suburbs of his youth in search of a new start.

Things, of course, do not work out as planned.  Sweeney ends up living across the street from his teenage nemesis, Ray Prager, whom he discovers may be a serial killer.  Worse yet, Natalie, the woman he fell in love with while thinking his wife would die, may be one of his victims!  To top even that off, his eldest daughter, Sadie, is nearly gang-raped while his youngest daughter, Madie, struggles to rid her new bedroom of the presence she feels: a man who committed suicide in the room!

Durham County

Lot’s of drama, murder and excitment!  The series spans six episodes beginning this evening.  This marks the first new series on Ion Television in quite a while.  It’s always exciting for DVR Life when a network we don’t normally watch gives us a reason to start watching!  If you’re not sure where/if Ion is located on your cable line-up, head over here to check.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that, not only do we have the network, we also have it in HD.

Since Durham County isn’t airing for another 8 hours, 24 minutes and 12 seconds (thanks to the nifty little Durham County countdown clock), you’ve got some time to kill.  Why not spend it at where you can play a rather in depth, and really interesting, game based on the series, watch some videos and zone out watching another one of those hypnotizing countdown clocks.  It’ll help you not only get ready, but get pretty psyched, too.

Durham County premieres this evening at 10pm on Ion Television.

Mike Sweeney