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Depeche Mode + True Blood = Corrupt

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True Blood

If you recall way back in the spring time when we were still looking forward to True Blood‘s sophomore outing, we were treated a teaser video featuring Bob Dylan’s bluesy new song, Beyond Here Lies Nothing.  Things must have worked out well because now there’s a brand new Depeche Mode/True Blood tag team.  HBO posted the video, featuring most members of the cast in various states, as well as in studio footage of the band, to their official Youtube page earlier today.  The song and video are both pretty awesome:

P.S.  Anyone else wondering if the 3:33 runtime means it’s only half evil?


Last Minute Sons of Anarchy Awesomeness!

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Sons of Anarchy

Just wanted to drop in some last minute Sons of Anarchy art and photos before tonight’s second season premiere!  We;re very excited about Henry Rollins and Adam Arkin guest-starring this season, so here’s a few teaser photos from production:





Sons of Anarchy‘s second season begins tonight, Tuesday September 8th, at 10pm on FX.

(photos and artwork via a google image search, including fancast & spoilerTV)

Another Fringe Trailer

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Thanks to, we’ve come across another promotional trailer for the upcoming sophomore season of Fringe on Fox.  While our DVR is more important to us than food or water, it does set us back when it comes to being up to date on the latest trailers.  We eventually do catch up, though, and here’s a pretty great trailer we had yet to see.  We’re guessing many of you haven’t seen it, either:

Fringe returns for it’s second season on Thursday September 17th at 9pm on Fox.

Eastwick Promotional Trailer

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Paul Gross

I don’t like to get down on shows before I’ve seen them, so until this point I have yet to mention anything, really, about ABC’s upcoming Witches of Eastwick remake, Eastwick.  The initial promotional trailers I had seen didn’t exactly “wow” me.  I also heard rumors about the show being reworked, re-shot, re-written, re-whatever, so I kept my fingers crossed.  I’m excited for any show starring Paul Gross and Lindsay Price.  Gross is so great at playing creepy, smarmy dudes and Price was my favorite actor on Lipstick Jungle.

Finally, though, I’ve come across a promotional trailer for Eastwick that made me want to tune in.  I know, I know.  Editing, cutting, snipping, splicing, whatever: they can make any crappy show look good for even a minute.  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this show seems like it could be sort of fun in a Desperate Housewives meets Pushing Daises (fantasy-wise, anyway) meets Sex And The City sort of way.  Or something like that.

Eastwick premieres Wednesday September 23rd at 10pm on ABC.

Lindsay Price

P.S. I feel like I’m gonna be abused by die hard Fullerton fans about that Pushing Daisies reference…I’m just saying…Well, I was having a hard time coming up with a fantasy-based series in the same realm as witches.  If you have any suggestions, leave in a comment!

Leslie Knope Vs. The Fresh Prince

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Parks and Recreation

We are really hoping for the best when it comes to the second season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.  While most people tend to fear shows will go into a sophomore slump, we here at DVR Life feel that Parks and Recreation had kind of a rough freshman year and are looking forward to the show growing into itself and maturing for it’s second time around.  We admit that the premise of the show (work place location, faux-documentary style, office-boob that doesn’t know they’re annoying everyone around them) made the show seem a bit contrived at first, but the story lines started standing a bit on their own the further the season went on and we’re hoping this time they’ll really make it stand out.

One step towards standing out is a character rapping Parent’s Just Don’t Understand.  That’s a good start for us:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Parks and Recration begins it’s second season on Thursday September 17th at 8:30pm on NBC.

You can also see P&R star Amy Poehler in the first two episodes of NBC’s upcoming Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday Edition beginning Thursday September 17th at 8pm.

Smallville Getting Some Style?

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We have to admit that we here at DVR Life did not catch on to Smallville until season 5!  Right before the fifth season got going we crammed the first four into our Netflix cue and hurriedly made our way through the series, finishing just in time for the fifth season premiere.  How we loved the show!  Each week we waited until the first 20 minutes of each new episode had recorded, as all good DVR user’s do to avoid commercials, before rushing to hit the play button.  As time went on, though, and the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons went by, we are a bit sad to say that, during last year’s eighth season, Smallville would still record each and every Thursday evening…but sometimes it would sit on our DVR until Sunday, Monday…Sometimes we’d even get so backed up as to have two episodes on our Show List.  Perhaps it was Smallville fatigue?

Whatever the problem, with the new trailer we’ve seen, the sneak peek of Brian Austin Green as Metallo and now finally getting a good look at Clark’s new outfit…well, it’s gone.  I will miss Clark’s blue & red farm boy outfit, but I think I like the darker tones the show seems to be taking.  Just kinda bummed that, if this is the last season, that it’ll be a whole different show from the one we fell in love with all those years ago.  Still, while I usually have to work on Friday evenings, I imagine I’ll be hitting the PLAY button just as soon as I get in the door that evening.

As an added treat, there’s also been a very Die Hard-ish pic of Chloe floating around this week, too”


Smallville returns to The CW for its ninth season on Friday September 25th at 9pm.

Welcome Back, Sons of Anarchy!

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Sons of Anarchy

And so it begins!  This evening, for us, officially marks the beginning of the 2009 Fall TV season with the return of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.  The series is, hands down, one of our absolute favorite shows around.  The network is known for often challenging, intriguing and violent original series and Sons of Anarchy is no exception.

When a poll calls for our favorite TV badasss…Well, there’s no question who that is: Jax, the lead character.  While he’s trying to do what’s right, stay on the correct side of the law and bring peace to SAMCRO, he does what he’s gotta do.  Last season that included killing a man and having sex with his ex-girlfriend right next to the corpse.  Granted the guy was a psycho stalker trying to kill his ex, but still…That’s brutally badass and  I think no further discussion is needed on the topic.


I’m looking forward to seeing comes of the struggle between Jax and his stepfather, Clay, for control of the club’s future and wonder if the truth behind Jax’s fathers death may actually come out.  I’m also looking forward to the introduction of Henry Rollins to the series.  Talk about perfect casting!

Here’s an official promotional trailer called Rise.  While watching it, I couldn’t help but think that the members of SAMCRO would definitely hate the song.

Sons of Anarchy begins it’s second season tonight, Tuesday September 8th, at 10pm on FX.