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Eastwick Promotional Trailer

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Paul Gross

I don’t like to get down on shows before I’ve seen them, so until this point I have yet to mention anything, really, about ABC’s upcoming Witches of Eastwick remake, Eastwick.  The initial promotional trailers I had seen didn’t exactly “wow” me.  I also heard rumors about the show being reworked, re-shot, re-written, re-whatever, so I kept my fingers crossed.  I’m excited for any show starring Paul Gross and Lindsay Price.  Gross is so great at playing creepy, smarmy dudes and Price was my favorite actor on Lipstick Jungle.

Finally, though, I’ve come across a promotional trailer for Eastwick that made me want to tune in.  I know, I know.  Editing, cutting, snipping, splicing, whatever: they can make any crappy show look good for even a minute.  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed because this show seems like it could be sort of fun in a Desperate Housewives meets Pushing Daises (fantasy-wise, anyway) meets Sex And The City sort of way.  Or something like that.

Eastwick premieres Wednesday September 23rd at 10pm on ABC.

Lindsay Price

P.S. I feel like I’m gonna be abused by die hard Fullerton fans about that Pushing Daisies reference…I’m just saying…Well, I was having a hard time coming up with a fantasy-based series in the same realm as witches.  If you have any suggestions, leave in a comment!

  1. Perhaps a more adult version of Charmed? I’m looking forward to this show too, despite the bad press.

  2. Yes! Thank you! Charmed was a good call! Wish I had thought of that…

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