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Smallville Getting Some Style?

In 2009 Fall Season, Smallville, The CW on 09/08/2009 at 1:17 pm


We have to admit that we here at DVR Life did not catch on to Smallville until season 5!  Right before the fifth season got going we crammed the first four into our Netflix cue and hurriedly made our way through the series, finishing just in time for the fifth season premiere.  How we loved the show!  Each week we waited until the first 20 minutes of each new episode had recorded, as all good DVR user’s do to avoid commercials, before rushing to hit the play button.  As time went on, though, and the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons went by, we are a bit sad to say that, during last year’s eighth season, Smallville would still record each and every Thursday evening…but sometimes it would sit on our DVR until Sunday, Monday…Sometimes we’d even get so backed up as to have two episodes on our Show List.  Perhaps it was Smallville fatigue?

Whatever the problem, with the new trailer we’ve seen, the sneak peek of Brian Austin Green as Metallo and now finally getting a good look at Clark’s new outfit…well, it’s gone.  I will miss Clark’s blue & red farm boy outfit, but I think I like the darker tones the show seems to be taking.  Just kinda bummed that, if this is the last season, that it’ll be a whole different show from the one we fell in love with all those years ago.  Still, while I usually have to work on Friday evenings, I imagine I’ll be hitting the PLAY button just as soon as I get in the door that evening.

As an added treat, there’s also been a very Die Hard-ish pic of Chloe floating around this week, too”


Smallville returns to The CW for its ninth season on Friday September 25th at 9pm.


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