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New White Collar Poster

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White Collar

Coming via the show’s official twitter feed, we have the final poster for USA’s upcoming White Collar.  There’s been a bunch of WC posts lately, what with Natalie Morales joining the cast full time and a new promotional trailer.  This poster is pretty tight, too!

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.


The Good Wife Poster

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The Good Wife

Slick poster for CBS’ upcoming Juliana Marguiles series The Good Wife.  Buzz is pretty high surrounding this show.  The trailers look great, the cast is excellent: we’re really hoping for something special here.  Our one hold back, though, is that so much has been made about the scandalous beginning of the series that, once that subsides and we’re left a legal show, some people out there may be disappointed.  We’re not saying that’ll happen, but we do see the potential.  We’ll just keep our fingers crossed.

The Good Wife premieres Tuesday September 22nd at 10pm on CBS.

Brothers & Sisters Sneak Peek

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Brothers & Sisters

If you’re a regular reader of DVR Life (we know there’s one or two of you out there!), you know we’re big drama hounds.  Love the drama.  Can’t get enough of it.  That may be why ABC’s Brothers & Sisters is one of our favorite shows.  This show could go head to head with any other out there in the drama department and it’s like some intense addictive substance that we can’t stay away from.

The first trailer gives us a peek at Kitty and Robert on the campaign trail.  At first we were excited to see them back together and joking, being cute together and then BAM!  We see that all is still not well in the political couple’s marriage.  Trailer two sees Holly and Nora throwing down over engagement gifts for Justin and Rebecca while poor Nora’s mom gets stuck in the middle.  Didn’t we say there was a lot of drama?

Brothers & Sisters returns for it’s fourth season on Sunday September 27th at 10pm on ABC.

Bored To Death Poster

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Bored To Death

If you didn’t get the hint the first two times we posted promotional trailers for this show, we’re are excited for the premiere of HBO’s new comedy Bored To Death.  How could we not be with a lineup like this?  Now we have an awesome new poster to tout the preimere, too!

Bored To Death debuts Sunday September 20th at 9:30pm on HBO after the seventh season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Supernatural Pics: Mark Pellegrino As Satan

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Mark Pellegrino

DaemonsTV got first look pictures of Mark Pelligrino on the sixth season of The CW’s Supernatural.  We first took notice of Pelligrino when he ruled as Rita’s creepy wife-beating junkie ex on Dexter.  More recently he ruled as the island’s creepy Jacob on Lost.  He’s good at being creepy, so we’re excited to see how he plays the creep himself: Satan.

Mark Pellegrino

The evil one’s guest-stint begins this Thursday during the season premiere, though these pictures are from episode three, entitled “Free To Be You and Me”, which will air September 24th.

Supernatural returns to The CW on Thursday September 10th at 9pm for it’s fifth season.

House Promo Had Real Snakes!

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Remember when we were hoping those were not real snakes?  Turns out they were! has a new behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, real snakes, British accents and all!  If you’ve somehow managed to steer clear of every Hugh Laurie interview ever and have never seen Fry and Laurie or any of his other previous shows, you’ll get to hear Dr. House crack a few jokes in his native accent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

House returns to Fox for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm with a two hour season premiere.

New White Collar Promo!

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White Collar

To tack onto earlier news about The Middleman‘s Natalie Morales being up’ed to a full time cast member, USA has just released a new promotional trailer for White Collar.  We are seriously looking forward to this new show!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can also catch our previous White Collar preview here.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.

HBO’s A Dog Year Trailer

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A Dog Year

So we’re gonna let you in on a little secret.  Keep it real quite, though, you know…On the down-low and all.  HBO Films produced a movie called A Dog Year.  They produced the film and even managed to get an awesome cast consisting of movie star Jeff Bridges (The Dude!), Six Feet Under‘s Lauren Ambrose and True Blood‘s Lois Smith.

Once they produced the film, they snuck it out on to the air last Thursday, the 3rd of September.  Apparently they didn’t want anyone to know, though, so they didn’t bother…you know, telling anyone or even posting anything on their webpage about it.  Well, don’t tell HBO because some stupid intern over there must have made a mistake and posted a trailer for it on youtube and we thought it only right to post it.

Sorry HBO, we know you tried really hard not to let anyone know this movie exists but we kinda dig the cast and appreciate a good heart-warming story with crazy writers and even crazier dogs every now and then.

Unless HBO manages to hide this movie even better than they’ve already done, A Dog Year will re-air a few times on Wednesday September 9th on HBO2 and HBO Signature.  It can also be seen on HBO On Demand

From The Middleman To White Collar

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Natalie Morales

Sorry sci-fi geeks, but you lost a hot one!  Many of you fell for Natalie Morales in ABC Family’s kid sister-friendly sci-fi series The Middleman.  Her character was smart, witty and cute as all get out…Here’s hoping the wit and smarts (no question about the beauty, obviously) carries over to USA’s upcoming White Collar.  TV Squad reports she’s been uped to a series regular.  As if a new series featuring Matt Bomer as a slickster con-man and Tim DeKay as an F.B.I. agent plus Willie Garson and Tiffany Thiessen as co-stars wasn’t already awesome enough, right?

Here’s a preview:

You can also catch our previous White Collar preview here.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.

Stargate Universe Trailer

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Stargate Universe

It’s been out for a bit but reminded us yesterday about this pretty intense promotional trailer for Syfy’s upcoming new series Stargate Universe.  The show is the networks third Stargate-related series in the franchise.  To tell you the truth, the trailer is so intense and features such great production values, there were certain times where I almost thought it was for a movie!

Stargate Universe premieres with a 2 hour pilot on Friday October 2nd at 9pm on SyFy.

Community Webisodes: The 5 A’s

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At Greendale Community College the 5 A’s stand for:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Affordability
  3. Air Conditioning
  4. Awesome New Friends
  5. A Lot Of Classes

I’ll let Dr. Pat Isakson, Dean of Admissions and professor of Women’s Studies, explain the rest:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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