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HBO’s A Dog Year Trailer

In A Dog Year, Advertising, HBO, Movies on 09/09/2009 at 1:15 pm

A Dog Year

So we’re gonna let you in on a little secret.  Keep it real quite, though, you know…On the down-low and all.  HBO Films produced a movie called A Dog Year.  They produced the film and even managed to get an awesome cast consisting of movie star Jeff Bridges (The Dude!), Six Feet Under‘s Lauren Ambrose and True Blood‘s Lois Smith.

Once they produced the film, they snuck it out on to the air last Thursday, the 3rd of September.  Apparently they didn’t want anyone to know, though, so they didn’t bother…you know, telling anyone or even posting anything on their webpage about it.  Well, don’t tell HBO because some stupid intern over there must have made a mistake and posted a trailer for it on youtube and we thought it only right to post it.

Sorry HBO, we know you tried really hard not to let anyone know this movie exists but we kinda dig the cast and appreciate a good heart-warming story with crazy writers and even crazier dogs every now and then.

Unless HBO manages to hide this movie even better than they’ve already done, A Dog Year will re-air a few times on Wednesday September 9th on HBO2 and HBO Signature.  It can also be seen on HBO On Demand

  1. I watched this movie on the weekend. Good cast. Great dog. But when the movie ended it left me hanging. There was no ending. No conclusion, no twist, no resolution. But it was a good story of a man and a dog. But, don’t expect anything more, because, it isn’t. I could do a story of my life and my dog the same way. If you like dogs a lot, watch it. Don’t expect anything more.

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