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Jericho The Comic!

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Jericho Season 3

By now we should all know the story behind Jericho.  Great show, bad network choices, a big fan protest, writers strike, show is no more.  It was pretty tragic.  The series had enormous potential and ended up fizzling out.  It was not for a lack of enthusiasm or trying, though.  There’s not much to report just yet, but if you recall way back to the hazy-lazy July days surrounding San Diego Comic-Con, word came out that a little known comic book publisher, Devils Due, would be teaming up with the creators and writers of Jericho to release season three…As a comic book.

While we haven’t read an actual comic book in quite a while, we’re pretty excited at this news and, if they presented us with the option, would pre-order our very own copies (hint hint).  No set publishing date has been announced yet, just that we can expect it in the month of October.  What news there is, though, is that the publisher launched a little micro-site thingy in anticipation of Jericho Season 3: Civil War (that’s the proper title of the series).

And if you absolutely just cannot wait, you can still purchase a copy of the ashcan run.  Not down with the comic lexicon?  No worries, we had to google it, too: An ashcan is a promotional teaser sort of thing that independent publishers print to hype up an upcoming title.  The Jericho ashcans, printed for Comic-Con, are 8-pages featuring black and white artwork, limited to 500 and hand-numbered.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m kinda surprised a 500-print run would survive Comic-Con with extras.

In case you missed it all, both seasons of Jericho can still be found at the CBS website.


Chuck Bass Meets Jimmy Fallon

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Chuck's suspenders!

Jimmy Fallon gave his audience a quick hit of what’s to come when The CW’s Gossip Girl returns next week.  With Ed Westwick as a guest for the evening, Fallon debuted a new game entitled “Bass Masters“.  Not sure it’s exactly “sweeping the nation” as was claimed, but it was a fun bit.  Interesting to witness how quickly Westwick slides in and out of his real British accent and his fake lock-jaw UES/WASP accent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can watch last night’s entire episode of Late Night here, if you so desire.  Other highlights include a cell phone shoot-out for prizes and Fallon racing Queen Latifah through the NBC halls on mini-bikes.  Also, if you’re so inclined, you may want to check out a whole slew of Gossip Girl promotional videos we posted last month.

Gossip Girl returns for it’s third season next Monday, September 14th at 9pm on The CW.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:35am on NBC.

Welcome Back, Supernatural!

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Just a quick round up of all the posts we’ve had leading up to the fifth season of Supernatural on The CW.  Let’s see…There’s pictures of Mark Pellegrino as Satan, plus a promotional trailer called Subliminal,  and one called O’ Death.  Also, season 3 came out on DVD.  And while we didn’t make posts about it, we’re excited that Adrianne Palicki will be reprising her role as Jessica on the third episode of the season, Free To Be You and Me, on September 23rd.  There was also a big uproar over the fact that Paris Hilton will make a guest appearance as a demon at some point in the season.  While we’re not fans of Ms. Hilton, we do have to admit that she chooses good shows (Veronica Mars, The O.C.) to make guest appearances on and those bits are usually kinda funny.

Here’s a pic of Adrianne’s return to Supernatural:


The fifth season of Supernatural begins this evening, Thursday September 10th at 9pm on The CW.

Get Ready: Vampire Diaires Tonight

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Vampire Diaries

Don’t forget!  The Vampire Diaries premieres tonight on The CW.  To get you you just a little more excited, we’ve got a few extras for you.  First up we have the fourth installment of A Darker Truth, the teaser webseries The CW has put together.  Down below that you can find a little PSA about the importance of giving blood that the cast did called Starve A Vampire.

In case you missed the first three episodes of A Darker Truth, you might wanna catch up with our previous post.

Also check out our previous posts about Vampire Diaries:

Vampire Diaries – Squeamish promotional trailer.

Vampire Diaries artwork and extended preview.

And the very first promotional trailer that came out around Upfronts.

Vampire Diaries Cast

The Vampire Diaries premieres tonight, Thursday September 10th at 8pm on The CW.

Preview: SyFy’s Alice

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It’s quite a ways off, but there’s a pretty cool promotional trailer already for SyFy’s upcoming four-hour two-part mini-series Alice.  The production is a reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s twisted yet family friendly Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

From the official SyFy press release:

For this re-imagined adaptation, writer/director Nick Willing mines the bizarre ingenuity and twisted logic of Carroll’s work to create a daringly different, boldly colorful and delightfully skewed dreamscape of his own.

The project features a large and impressive cast that, if you’re familiar with the sci-fi genre and/or Canadian TV, you’ll be astounded by.  The lineup consists of stars (not just guest stars, but actuall cast members) of: Primeval, Steven Spielberg’s Taken, Eureka, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica, Crash (the tv series), Kingdom Hospital, Sanctuary, Robson Arms, Corner Gas, Davinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, North of 60, and Men In Trees, among many many others.  To top all that, they’ve also landed Tim Curry and Cathy Bates!  Whew – that’s alot of talent.

According to the network:

“An incredible creative team has been assembled to re-interpret this familiar tale in an imaginative and innovative way,” said Mark Stern, EVP of Original Programming for Syfy. “This exciting new vision is one of the reasons we’ve been able to attract such high-level talent.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alice is set to premiere on SyFy in December of 2009.  We’ll keep updated as it approaches!

And so as not to confuse anyone, SyFy’s Alice is in no way related to the upcoming Tim Burton film starring In Treatment‘s Mia Wasikowska that we reported on some months back.

The Forgotten Trailers

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The Forgotten

While ABC seems to be throwing most of their pre-fall promotional resources into sci-fi mind-bender Flash Forward and fresh-faced comedy sitcom Modern Family, we’ve been struggling to keep up with some of their other shows such as this one, The Forgotten.  You’d think being Christian Slater’s return to television and being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer would warrant a bit more of a push, but if that’s the way ABC wants to play it, who are we to judge, right?

Actually, while we are looking forward to this show, we must admit that it seems like it would be a better fit over at CBS.  They’re more procedural and missing persons-y than ABC, don’t you think?

You can also see an older preview we posted about here.

The Forgotten premieres Tuesday September 22nd at 10pm on ABC.

Skills Returning To One Tree Hill!!!

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Holy crap!  The CW posted a behind the scenes video yesterday of One Tree Hill featuring Antwon Tanner!  If you’re in the know, then you’re already aware of Tanner’s legal issues.  Because of those issues most OTH fans, myself included, assumed Skills would be no longer be on the show.  We’re pretty stoked to learn otherwise.

Just last night in a heated OTH conversation via twitter, a few us TV nerds were mourning the loss of the Skills/Jamie duo that we’ve all come to know and love over the last two seasons.  While Brooke, Nathan and Haley may be the show’s main draw, we all agreed that the chemistry and scenes between Skills and young Jamie were a highlight of the show.  Good to know they’ll be back!

Here’s the video, called Nekkidness:

One Tree Hill returns for it’s seventh season next Monday, September 14th at 8pm on The CW.