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Jericho Season 3

By now we should all know the story behind Jericho.  Great show, bad network choices, a big fan protest, writers strike, show is no more.  It was pretty tragic.  The series had enormous potential and ended up fizzling out.  It was not for a lack of enthusiasm or trying, though.  There’s not much to report just yet, but if you recall way back to the hazy-lazy July days surrounding San Diego Comic-Con, word came out that a little known comic book publisher, Devils Due, would be teaming up with the creators and writers of Jericho to release season three…As a comic book.

While we haven’t read an actual comic book in quite a while, we’re pretty excited at this news and, if they presented us with the option, would pre-order our very own copies (hint hint).  No set publishing date has been announced yet, just that we can expect it in the month of October.  What news there is, though, is that the publisher launched a little micro-site thingy in anticipation of Jericho Season 3: Civil War (that’s the proper title of the series).

And if you absolutely just cannot wait, you can still purchase a copy of the ashcan run.  Not down with the comic lexicon?  No worries, we had to google it, too: An ashcan is a promotional teaser sort of thing that independent publishers print to hype up an upcoming title.  The Jericho ashcans, printed for Comic-Con, are 8-pages featuring black and white artwork, limited to 500 and hand-numbered.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m kinda surprised a 500-print run would survive Comic-Con with extras.

In case you missed it all, both seasons of Jericho can still be found at the CBS website.

  1. The reason there were extras of the Jericho ashcans was because DDP’s booth was extremely hard to find and the ashcan was not listed in the convention program guide.

    It was a last minute addition to the convention and most people didn’t know about it.

    Gwen, who ran the Jericho fan table (which was also hard to find)

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