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Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref Casting Trailer

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Here’s a rare post for us!  DVR Life rarely writes about tv shows are that are in production, and rarely mention reality television, but here we are.  NBC has put together a little promotional trailer for the casting of a new Jerry Seinfeld created show called The Marriage Ref.  The series, according to the video below, will gather couples to talk about whatever drives them nuts about each other and then pick a winner.  Divorce attorney’s rejoice!

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NBC Gets Medical

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E.R. was a very successful series for NBC.  At fifteen seasons, the series was the longest-running medical drama to in air primetime, receiving a record 123 Emmy nominations, 22 of which they won.  And that all came to end last season.  NBC must have looked at the situation, said “where do we go from here?”, panicked a little, and then green lit not one, but two new medical dramas.

Here’s some behind the scenes peeks at each.  We must admit that Mercy has a pretty exciting cast.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mercy debuts Wednesday September 23rd at 8pm on NBC.

Trauma debuts Monday September 28th at 9pm on NBC.

White Collar Promo Pics

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Matt Bomer

White Collar posted a slew of brand new promotional photos to the official twitter feed early this afternoon.  Good looking cast, eh?  No shots of new arrival Natalie Morales, but we’re sure they’ll materialize sooner or later.  And in case you missed them the first time around, check out the slick promotional poster and new promo trailer they put together for the series.

White Collar Gets Cute

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Greendale’s Final Straight A: A Lot of Classes

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We promised we’d let you know when the fifth of The Five A’s, NBC’s webseries counting down to the premiere of Community, was available and we always come through!  The fifth A, A Lot Of Classes, is presented by the Tune-ition Payments, Greendale Community College’s premiere a cappella group.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In case you missed the first four A’s, you can see them in our previous post.

Community premieres Thursday September 17th at 9:30pm on NBC before taking up it’s regular time slot of Thursdays at 8pm on October 8th.

Robin Hood Returns!

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Robin Hood

At long last Robin Hood is returning stateside!  This weekend marks the beginning of the third season of the BBC/BBC America c0-production.  Season two ended with a heart breaker of a plot-line: the murder of Robin’s beloved Marian in the Holy Land.  Not quite sure where Robin will go from this point – I imagine it will be nothing short of all out war?  The problem there is the updated Brit-folk hero series makes it a point for the good guys (i.e. Robin) to kill very little, if at all, so we’re not expecting a bloodbath.

The third season of Robin Hood begins tomorrow, Saturday September 12th at 9pm on BBC America.

True Blood Season Finale Preview

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True Blood

It’s sad but true, folks: Season 2 of True Blood comes to an end this evening.  Judging by the intense cliff-hangers they end just regular episodes with, we’re expecting a doozy for the season finale.  It’ll be sad when the season ends – it’s been an exciting one for both the fans and HBO network, chock full of crazy gory, sexy badness and killer ratings.  The show is set to return for it’s third season in June of 2010.

Don’t wanna wait that long?  Grab yourself a Tru Blood, kickback and start reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, then!

During a True Blood marathon last Sunday (poor make-up for having no new episode!), HBO broadcast this promotional trailer for the season finale.  It’s basically a different edit of the True Blood/Depeche Mode video we posted the other night, minus the  band footage, shorter and with more footage from the season.

True Blood‘s second season finale airs this weekend, Sunday September 13th at 9pm on HBO.