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Tonight: NBC FTW!

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For those not up on geek-speak, FTW means ‘For The Win’, as in, it’s gonna freakin’ rule tonight when NBC’s fall 2009 comedy season begins!  We hope you have your DVR’s set for some good laughs and some intelligent comedies.  Let’s break it down:

Amy Poehler Returns To SNL Weekend Update This Fall

Everything kicks off at 8pm with SNL Weekend Update Thursday Edition.  Don’t forget that Amy Poehler will make guest appearances in atleast two of the three upcoming episodes of SNL WUTE.  Not to distract from her scripted series, Parks & Recreation, but Poehler really tends to shine anytime she appears on Weekend Update, in our opinion.

And speaking of Parks & Recreation, Poehler’s pulling double duty in the 8-9pm hour this evening as the sophomo

re season of the series premieres at 8:30.  P&R, we admit, was not one of our favorite series last season.  It seemed…and this is just our little opinion…like the show was…ahem…not so…original.  There, we said it.  The show, at first glance, kind of came off as The Office part 2…Only based in a different office and without as much awesomeness.

Don’t get us wrong, Poehler is funny and Rashida Jones is always a joy to behold.  Chris Pratt gave us some good laughs and we’ve been fans of Paul Schneider since his twee days in All The Real Girls.  The problem was we had seen it al before.  Bumbling boob in an office environment.  Little to no social skills to be found in the bunch.  Uncomfortable staring into the camera.  Talking to the camera like it’s a faux-documentary.

Yeah.  We kinda rolled our eyes a bit but, most importantly, we stuck by it.  And it paid off because somewhere in the middle of the season the series began to slowly become its own entity and we enjoyed it more and more.  From what we’re hearing of those lucky enough to have seen the first couple episodes of season two, we’re in for a treat because the show has finally hit full throttle.  We’re hoping the rumors are true.  Judging by this awesome video we posted the other day, they probably are:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

At 9pm we’re treated to the return of The Office.  All those years ago watching Ricky Gervais’ snarly smile, trying to figure out just what the heck he was saying, who would have thought NBC would pull something like this off?  The show returns for its sixth season this evening!  In case you missed the post, we had a sneak peek at Pam in her wedding gown a bit ago and, more recently, this split promotional trailer for The Office and Community.

Finally, at 9:30pm, the lineup is rounded off with the newest of NBC’s scripted comedies, Community.  Upon seeing the pilot episode a while back, we gushed that Community “will certainly be able to hold it’s own in the Thursday night realm of The Office and 30 Rock and just may send NBC Thursday back to ‘Must See TV’ territory”.  We realize those are some pretty big words, but we stand by them!

Here’s the clip that first caught our attention, long before even seeing the entire pilot:

Take note, though, that 9:30pm is only a temporary slot-time for Community30 Rock will return on Thursday October 8th to take over the slot, while Community moves to its regular 8pm time after SNL Weekend Update Thursday Edition finishes it’s run.

SNL Weekend Update Thursday Edition starts a 3 week-run this evening, Thursday September 17th, at 8pm, followed by the season two premiere of Parks and Recreation at 8:30pm, the sixth season premiere of The Office at 9pm and the debut of Community at 9:30pm, on NBC.


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