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Glee: Showmance Recap

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, Glee on 09/19/2009 at 3:08 pm


Review by Michelle Ann

We start with school day with Will’s (Matthew Morrison) arrival; he touches base with all the glee members as he heads to work for the day.  He runs into Emma (Jayma Mays) and they once again share an awkward moment before Quinn (Dianna Agron) lets Will know that Coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is waiting for him, and she hates to be kept waiting.

A highlight of every episode is the confrontation of Sue and Will. Today, Sue starts early giving Will iron pills so he can keep up his strength when he is menstruating. They trade barbs while letting us all know 12 members are needed to qualify as a show choir. Sue suggests that with only 5 ½ (the half being wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale)). Sue suggests that Will needs to start looking at the special needs classes for additional members.  Will defends his group and has the confidence they will be okay without any help from Sue.

Quinn really wants Finn (Cory Monteith) to quit the choir. She even offers him a touch of her breast; of course that is only undershirt/over bra. Rachel (Lea Michele) overhears the exchange and thinks she is winning the battle, since he is staying in choir and losing the chance to feel up his girlfriend.

The group is working on a new routine, one that is a bit out of touch and like last week’s. Will reassured them that his group took regionals with this song in 1993.  They sing ‘La Freak” with a lack of enthusiasm and even though it is obvious this is not working, Will insists that they will be fine. The rest of the group begins to fear for their general safety.

Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) drags Will out house hunting in her sister Kendra’s (Jennifer Aspen) neighborhood. There is a new subdivision opening up. Of course the basic house is hard enough to afford, but with most everything al la carte (grand foyer and sun nook), Will sees no way they can afford any of this, especially on his salary.

Will walks into Glee Club and offers up a compromise in the form of ‘Gold Digger’ by Kanye West. Will suggests that Finn take the lead and he declines, fearing he is still working on the whole walking and singing thing. Will proceeds to school the group. This is by far my favorite number of the episode. I had downloaded the free video off iTunes earlier in the week and even though I had seen it at least 10 times, it still was great to see how it fit into the show. Will tells the group that they don’t have time to get this number ready for the assembly to recruit members. The group is still are not keen on the disco.

Emma heads to the restroom to clean up. She overhears someone throwing up and it is our damsel, Rachel.  She feels like a failure at this whole bulimia thing since she has no gag reflex, Emma tells her that will be a good thing when she gets older. Into the guidance counselor’s office to talk about her crush on Finn.  Of course Emma tells her that she can’t relate to the whole unrequited crush thing and as we cut to her crying in her car to “All By My Self”, Emma suggests that Rachel find things in common to get Finn to notice her.

Sue “caught” Rachel and Finn doing something horrible and scandalous and drug them all into the principal’s office.  It turns out that in an attempt NOT to have to do disco, they made up recruitment flyers using the Cherrios’ copier machine.  Of course she expects retribution immediately and Will suggests they just pay for the 17 copies.  Principal Figgins asks Sue to clean up the protein shake that she dropped when she caught them in “the act”.  Will insists on disco and Finn fears what will happen when he gets up on stage and sings disco in front of them.

Terri and Will share a bath. Will is upset because he can’t find a second job to help finance their new home with the grand foyer. Terri, in what is becoming classic Terri narcissism, tells Will she is tired of them both giving and giving and getting nothing in return. Life is so unfair. She storms off.

Will find Mr Figgins cleaning up the Protein Shake that Sue dropped during Copier-gate, she has a doctor’s note that bending over will aggravate her Lupus, so he has to clean it up, with the recession and all. Will volunteers to be the janitor instead for ½ his salary and that makes Mr. Figgins very happy.

It’s time for Celibacy Club.  Rachel has decided to join, so she can be closer to Finn. Quinn informs Rachel that the boys and girls separate for the first half hour so they can talk freely.  The boys talk about sex and how to “not arrive early”. Finn has a small problem: whenever he feels the urge, he flashes back to a driving lesson with his mom where he hit a letter carrier.

Will is playing janitor and Emma is working late with her SAT prep classes. She offers to help since he used window cleaner on the floors and the keyboard is crawling with eColi because Mrs Hoffmeyer does not wash her hands after #2.  Will thanks Emma and asks how he can help her get over any of her issues. She says she is fine, but then confesses that when she was 8 she wanted to work on a dairy farm and she went to visit one and it went well, till her brother pushed her into a runoff lagoon. She can’t forget the smell, she says it is manageable, with showers and no dairy. Will goes the chalk dust route and puts a little on her nose and then wipes it off. It is a sweet moment and you can feel their chemistry.  Emma takes off, but we see that Coach sees the moment and is disappointed.

Rachel pays a freshman to ask Will for help with irregular verbs. She changes the song behind his back and decides that to get more New Directions members and to save their reputation, they will give the kids what they want – S.E.X.

Will introduces the Glee Club and…well they leave the audience stunned with a provocatively funny performance of Salt –N- Peppa’s Push it.  Emma and Mr Figgins were both grooving to the beats, but the rest of the audience had no idea how to react. It was an epically good/bad/questionable performance. They have a ways to go before they are awesome, but it was still delightful to watch. It was the little moments or missed cues or way overtly sexual moments that were funny. They end up with stunned silence and then a standing ovation.

Sue and Will end up in Mr Figgins office. Sue says it was the most offensive thing she has ever seen and that includes an elementary production of Hair.  Mr Figgins said he got lots of letters from parents who were outraged. The compromise is list of songs that were approved by Mr Figgins’ ministers. Will gets new uniforms, the money will be from Eat Cheerio budget and they will need to deal with local dry cleaners from now on.

Coach Kim asks Emma to Tulippalooza. He makes his case for dating Emma and tells her that is a good man who would put up with her crazy. Then he leaves her to keep cleaning her grapes and thinking about tulips.

Rachel decides seduction is the next step in her quest for Finn. They work on scales for a bit and then she conveniently points out the seductive picnic laid on the stage. Finn tells Rachel that she is a great singer and wants to be better like she is. They talk a little then Rachel lets him know it is okay to kiss her. As Finn moves in for the lip lock, he has a sudden reaction to the kiss and immediately sees the letter carrier hitting the window of his car and hears his mom screaming. He stands up quickly and pull his shirt down, mutters about not mentioning this to anyone and runs out. This leaves Rachel devastated as she cries all alone on stage.

Terri is getting an ultra sound. Besides a chicken wing that she apparently swallowed whole, she is not pregnant. She just wants a baby so much that she has induced a hysterical pregnancy.

Quinn and 2 of her clone-like friends try out for Glee, singing “Say a Little Prayer for You”.  They do a nice job with the song and Will is pretty impressed.  Coach Sylvester is surprised to see her girls defecting. But she figures she can use them as spies to take Glee down from within. Quinn is happy to try to get her boyfriend back from Rachel, but Sue couldn’t really care less.

Will brings some bleach wipes to Emma and asks her to help him that night. She tells him that they can’t do this and she has a date for Tulippalooza and walks away.

When Will returns from his night job. Terri has a candlelit dinner of homemade chicken pot pie on the table and she appears to want to break the news to him. But when it comes down to it, she lies and says they are having a boy. Will is overjoyed at the news. Terri actually shows a little compassion by suggesting they not buy the house and stay there. Her respite/craft room can be the new baby room and she tells him to stop the janitor work, so they can work on their marriage. We know she is being underhanded, but Will is really happy. He thinks his wife is really coming around and understands him more.

Will is giving Quinn the lead in the next song (which it seems to be Don’t Stop Beliven’), and he says that she brought this on herself, and that they both need to stop being selfish and think about the team.

Rachel heads off to practice and sings ‘Take a Bow’ By Riahana. The show ends with clips of her pining for Finn and crying.


Another great episode. The storylines introduced the first week just start to bloom more. Two love triangles (Finn/Quinn/ Rachel  and Will/Terri/Emma) Of course the class battles in school, Sue’s determination that nothing will overshadow her Cheerios, Coach Kim’s crush on Emma and Mr. Figgins’ quest to save more money. It should be interesting as the club takes on new members to see if loyalties shift or get more grounded.

I also noted a trend- let’s see if this happens each time-

1. Random acts of music (Drums last week, guitar this week)

2. Kurt in the garbage can

3. Rachel gets Slushy to face

Anything else that anyone noticed happened in both weeks?

A few favorite lines (Although Sue has the best one liners of the show and is totally quotable)

“You become a man after you buy your first house; I’m not sure what he meant by that since he burnt our house down after a drunken fight with mom.”

“I’m not raising our baby in a used house, it’s unclean.”

“It’s all about the teasing and not about the pleasing.”

“If the balloon pops the noise makes the angel’s cry.”


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