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Californication Trailer

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There’s really not much left to say about Showtime’s Californication.  It’s dirty and raunchy, even by pay cable standards.  It’s hilarious.  It’s absurd.  It’s snarky.  We’ll let this new promotional trailer speak for itself.

Californication returns to Showtime at 10pm Sunday September 27th.


Gossip Girl: Sexperimentation

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Gossip Girl

Do you know what a Geor-gina is?  Well, watch and learn.  Here’s a new Gossip Girl trailer from The CW.  The trailer gives us a quick look at Hilary Duff’s guest appearance and what dorm life holds for the incoming NYU class:

Gossip Girl airs each Monday at 9pm on The CW.

House Returns!

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The doctor returns!  Hopefully you’re ready for a near overload of snark and bitter humor because tonight marks the return of House with a two hour season premiere.  Here’s a quick little round up of House related posts we’ve done lately.  There’s been a few:

First off, there were all those cast photos.  While the gray background is a little less than interesting, the raining pills shot of House is kinda cool.  After those promotional photos came the promotional trailers.  While all three of them had their attributes, the second gave us our first look at Andre Braugher’s guest appearance.

That initial little promotional push was followed up Snakes On A Cane, a witty little campaign from the mind of Hugh Laurie.  Part one featured the launch of and a glitzy-creepy poster, that we hoped was digital cgi effects.  We later learned, though, that it featured real snakes.

Finally, there was the Alpha Male promotional trailer just last week.  For some reason, though, Hulu and Fox made that a limited-time only sort of thing, so while our post shall last forever, there’s not much to see anymore.

House returns tonight, Monday September 21st at 8pm, with a two hour sixth season premiere on Fox.