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New White Collar Promo

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White Collar Gets Cute

Hey! Being twitter buddies with White Collar tends to pay off:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.


House: Epic Fail Review

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Epic Fail
A review of last night’s House episode, Epic Fail, by Tara.

For a brief moment I became a bit nervous wondering if this weeks’ patient was going to be trapped inside a video game. Luckily, for me, that’s not case, no pun intended.

And the regular opening credits are back. Meaning the show is back. Yes, technically it was back last week with a very incredible two hour episode, but it stood alone, devoid of any regular cast members outside of the great Hugh Laurie (who must find it nice to have his Emmy episode already done). I still find it odd that they have yet to include Peter Jacobsen or Olivia Wilde in the opening credits.

Thirteen doesn’t know what is wrong with Vince’s hands and suggests transferring him to see a neurologist. But in a not so clever way of getting us to ask, “what about House?” our patient seems to already know about our “famous diagnostic guy” which cuts to House saying he quits to Cuddy and Foreman. And when Foreman tries to tell him he can’t, we get one, of the many great one liners of the night, “I think you are confusing me with Jake Gyllenhall.” Brokeback Mountain shout out. Love it.

House is okay and he wants to remain so, showing that last week’s episode did in fact make a lasting impression. He doesn’t want to stay in this environment, wants to go where there is less pressure.  Not one to waste an opportunity, Foreman is quick to ask if he can run the department.

Who needs doctors when you have the internet? The patient is using the internet to help diagnosis himself. He believes he has mercury poisoning. Taub and Thirteen run the blood test, without their new boss’s approval.

Foreman uncovering House’s desk is like a kid uncovering his Christmas presents. He is clearly excited about being the new House. (The team it appears has not been working together while House has been in recovery). Cameron, walks in on him eyeing House’s ball. Yeah you heard me. “You know how House feels about people touching his balls.” Oh Cameron, there you are to give your one little piece of dialogue to remind us that you are still a cast member of this show. “No Chase refuses to tell me,” bites back Foreman. “Right my husband is gay.” My husband! Oh wait, that’s right. Again, I forgot. Chase and Cameron got married last season. I really tend to forget these two are even on the show. Why are they even on the show? They have been reduced to minimal if any screen time.

(ed. note: EW broke the news last week that Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison, will be leaving the series.  Her final episode will be in November, though Chase will remain.)

I like seeing that House is still seeking therapy. And I like seeing Braugher back as Dr. Nolan. We find out that House and Wilson are roommates. At long last. It’s what they have always wanted; they just needed a doctor’s permission. Nolan suggest House finds a hobby to help keep him busy, occupied.

I enjoy any and all scenes between House and Wilson. The actors have such great chemistry. The two of them at the cooking class. “How hard are you trying not to make a ball joke your right now? “Your balls, they are browning way too fast. Blue is the color you’ve got to watch out for.” I have to admit I’m not as engaged with the patient story lines, but they’ve got me laughing out loud at these one liners.

And maybe it’s okay that I’m not finding myself that involved with the patient.  It usually isn’t really about them anyway, more about the doctors, and this episode is clearly more about Foreman trying to distinguish himself from House and being just as competent as him. He’s having a hard time doing either. Lucky for him he has his girlfriend there to try and make him feel better. Boost his ego. Tell him he can do this by ‘being himself.’

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