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Glee: The Rhodes Not Take Recap

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S1 E5 Recap By Michelle Ann

Kristin Chenoweth joins the New Directions this week and it seems like everybody gets a little bit selfish. Finn’s growing attachment to Rachel leads me to hope they deal with the Quinn baby thing quickly. Tonight’s ep begins with our favorite singers in full “Don’t Stop Believin” mode, only it is not Rachel singing with Finn, it’s Quinn. She has a little morning sickness moment and heads for the restroom. This leads Kurt to want to discuss the big elephant in the room that is NOT his sexuality, but the fact that they need Rachel. Finn is worried that the lead part might be too tough for the mama-to-be and he wants Mr. Shu to go easy on her.

Will and Terri are having lunch at a local dine in restaurant and as she wolfs down her third piece of grasshopper pie, Will tells Terri about Quinn morning sickness and she is quite happy to hear that, since it means the baby will not be a mongoloid. Will then worries about his own (fictional) baby that Terri is supposed to have in her belly and Terri plays it off and says she has been sick at work. Will recognizes the waiter as a former student. Turns out he is a 6th year senior, as in 24 years of age. He is with Vocal Adrenalin now, as the only one who can do a triple flip, they keep failing him.

Emma has brought Finn in to discuss his situation. Since Will told her in confidence she does a poor job faking that she knows nothing. She talks to him about a  music scholarship. Of course she is being selfish here, since she knows that Will really wants Rachel back in Glee, and Emma applies the pressure here to get Finn to go work on Rachel and convince her to come back. Of course she does not tell Finn this, she just pushes him in the right direction. Will asks if they can win without Rachel and Emma tells him to remember the Jamaican bob-sled team. BIIIIIIG longshot.

A newspaper nerd interviews Rachel. As usual she is pretty confident and Newspaper Nerd demands to see her over the shoulder boulder holder and to get those cashmere puppies out of their cage for a good review. Rachel is horrified at the prospect. Sandy interrupts and runs the guy off while giving his production ideas for a new production of Equus.  Finn walks in and starts to sweet talk Rachel, and smooth things over with her, he tells her she is even more talented than the guys who juggle chain saws.  He offers his line reading services and Rachel jumps at the chance. He even taunts her with the prospect of low lighting.  Rachel is giddy and Finn gets a sly selfish smile across his lips, mission accomplished.

Will is pestering Emma for the file of a student that attended school 15 years ago, it seems she has not graduated.  He gets an awful, selfish idea and logs on to her MySpace page to locate her blog and then has an IM chat with her (surprised he did not just go for her twitter account) and they make contact. She would love to see him, as long as he brings the wings.  Emma is a little jealous, since Will had a crush on April  (Chenoweth) back in high school.  Emma is all worried that he might rekindle the crush.

Will heads over to this beautiful house. It is quite impressive and April is quite drunk, she just cracked open a new box of wine. Their tete-a-tete is interrupted by the arrival of the realator, apparently the house is in foreclosure and April is a squatter.  Apparently she and her high school sweetheart tried to head to Broadway and got stuck sling hash and things went downhill from there. She attached herself to the wrong star and now her life is a mess. Will tells her to go back and finish school and join Glee. She dumps the rest of her wine out of the cup and takes him up on his offer.

April comes into Glee (aka the world’s worst Benetton add). Glee thinks she is too old and not really right. Besides they miss Rachel and would rather wait for her.  Kurt mentions that Rachel is in the High School production of Cabaret and that is the only invitation that April has to belt out, “Maybe This Time” They do a great job inter-cutting April’s performance with Rachel singing the same song on stage.  It really demonstrates the strengths of both Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele.  Kurt is left with one tear running down his face.

April is getting drunk on Crantini’s in Spanish class and Will has a little talk with her. He asks her to try to win them over. Over the Hall and Oats classic “Make My Dreams Come True,”  April takes on the Glee kids one at time. She gets Kurt drunk and gives him old muscle man magazines, she teaches Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift and has a romp in the shower with Puck.  Quickly winning her way into all the kids’ lives.  Things are not going so well with Rachel. Sandy does not like her (beautiful) singing and says he needs a singer with more maturity. Rachel points out that Sandy wants to selfishly be in the musical, but she is not going anywhere so he better get use to that idea.

Finn is talking to Rachel and we get a quick little double take.

Rachel: “I’m sleeping with him.”
Finn: “So am I.”

Turns out it they are just running lines. Rachel compliments his acting he tells her that maybe they both can do both and to sweeten the deal, he drops the bribe, not to elope as Rachel would like, but to go bowling so they can loosen up and relax, just the two of them. Rachel jumps at the chance, but they are interrupted.  April needs to learn the lead to “Don’t Stop Believin‘” and that just pisses off Finn (who pretty much had Rachel agree to come back) and Rachel, who figures she is really not necessary especially when replaced with someone so ancient.

Emma notices a strange odor pass her in the hall and it is poor Kurt, looking all dishevelled and smelling of rubbing alcohol.  Kurt thinks that Emma is Bambi and he takes the opportunity to toss his cooking all over her shoes. After getting 4 decontamination treatments aka the “Full Silkwood” at the local hospital, Emma is back to talk to Will about the bad influence his selfish decision to bring April into the fold has created.  Emma doubts it is a fake ID since he looks like an 11-year-old milkmaid  and April’s backpack is always clanking with empties. Will promises to make this right. Emma reminds him that it is not all about winning and that he needs to give the kids a chance. She asks him to think about why he is doing this and what he is willing to sacrifice to get it.

Sandy and Rachel have it out again. Sandy tells her that she sucks and this lands Rachel crying her eyes out in the ladies room.  April joins her and indicates that Finn is on her radar and this sends Rachel over the edge. Rachel tells her to watch out and April fires back that she likes it in the spotlight and she will not give that up.

Finn and Rachel go bowling. Rachel is hesitant to stick her fingers in the dirty ball holes. Finn picks out a pretty pink ball for her to use, since it is her favorite color. Meanwhile down at the other end of the lanes Will and April are also bowling. Will lays down the law.  She needs to be a better influence on the kids. April tosses out her wine and agrees to go back on the wagon.  Will confesses that he really wanted to sing with her and that she was the reason that he joined Glee. She drags him to the back room where they have karaoke on Wednesday.  She starts to sing “Alone” by Heart with Will as her backup. It sounds great and the gathered bingo crowd agreed.

Finn and Rachel enjoy a pizza with pepperoni imported from some foreign place like Michigan.  Finn tells Rachel that Glee does not just appreciate her talent, they like her and they consider her a friend.  He gets up and hands her the pink ball to bowl the last frame. Somehow she scores a strike and they embrace and share a little kiss. He tells her to come back to Glee. She asks about Quinn and he says that he has no idea what the future holds, he just wants to spend time with her now. She decides to quit the play and they hug it out. Rachel is happy, Finn is a little concerned.

Our not-so-sharp-as-tacks Glee Club is trying to figure out why Quinn runs out all the time in the morning. Kurt suggests lactose intolerance, Artie does not think that takes into consideration the crying. Tina suggests she just does not like Glee. Puck steps up and spills the whole baby thing to the group. Rachel then walks in all excited to be back and is greeted with a less than enthusiastic response. She then finds out the boy she kissed and is crushing on, has apparently knocked up his girlfriend.

Finn drops off the application for the scholarship and is feeling pretty good. He is walking down the hall when Rachel finds him and slaps him for leading her on, and not letting her know about the baby. He spills the whole scholarship thing and she tells him he should have just been honest.  She wishes him best with the little family he is creating and now, embarrassed by the kiss, she can not come back to Glee.  Desperate now, Rachel stops Sue (finally she show up). A small but fun scene.  She asks that Sue help her with Sandy, apparently he now wants to write himself in as queen Cleopatra. Although that aroused Sue at first, she quickly grew disgusted with the idea and decides to give Rachel complete artistic control. I thought that Sandy was in charge of all the arts, oh well…moving on.

Glee is warming up and they are all dressed in black and red cowboy outfits. April is in a pink sparkly one and very drunk and kisses Puck. Emma interrupts them and goes to tell Will that April almost hit her in the parking lot.  She tells him that she cannot go on. Will says if she doesn’t then none of them do. And on they go. On stage they do this good little country song  “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood with line dancing. April looks a little out-of-place up there and Rachel, while probably impressed, looks a little shocked. Will now knows what he needs to do; be an unselfish adult.

He talks to April and tells her that since she broke a promise he can’t have her go back out on stage. April agrees that it was not right. She thinks that everyone needs a time in the spotlight and she felt back in the game. She decides that she needs to stop hogging the sunshine of the other kids and she is going to head out and get sober. She thinks maybe Broadway and Will suggests Branson.

Will has to tell the group that they can’t go on for the second act because April is no longer in Glee. He admits it was selfish of him to bring her in, since “they don’t need her to be great”. Rachel comes in and volunteers to be the understudy and take the part.  Mercedes challenges her on that since Rachel has never under studied anything. Rachel tells them “that being a star did not make her feel as special as being their friend.” She does not want to let them down again. Quinn pipes up, sensing a rival that Rachel does not know the choreography.  Finn says they can teach her quickly. The show is saved and they sing Queen’s “Somebody to Love“. Emma is all choked up that Will made the right decision and they sit side by side in the audience enjoying the performance.


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