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Occupation Preview

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Here’s an extended trailer for BBC America’s upcoming series Occupation.  The trailer hints at a dark and emotionally taxing drama.  We’re excited for the return of JamesNesbitt.  His last appearance on BBC America in Jekyll was spectacular, to say the least, and we’ve always held out hope that the network would one day show Murphy’s Law or any of his TV films (Quite Ugly One Morning, Passerby) we’ve heard such great things about.

The official description:

Having participated in the invasion, and helped fly a critically injured child from Basra to a UK hospital, three soldiers find it impossible to slot back into civilian life. Driven by very different motives – each heads back to Basra.  Sergeant Mike Swift (James Nesbitt, Jekyll, Murphy’s Law) returns for the love of an Iraqi doctor, Aliyah (Lubna Azabal). Corporal Danny Peterson (Stephen Graham, Boardwalk Empire, This Is England) returns for money, setting up a private security firm. Lance Corporal Lee Hibbs (Warren Brown, Shameless) returns because he passionately believes in the mission to rebuild the country and help the Iraqi people—and the mission is nowhere near accomplished.  Amid growing sectarian conflict, and a boom time fuelled by billions of dollars from the U.S., their dreams of riches, love and making a difference come to define not just their lives but also the occupation itself.

As months turn into years, their lives move in directions they could have never imagined. Mike’s marriage falls apart as he pursues a love affair with an Iraqi doctor, who is now obliged to work within the country’s new religious framework at the hospital. Hibbs is deeply affected by the murder of his closest Iraqi friend, and begins to psychologically unravel. Mercenary Danny’s blatant exploitation of the situation leads to even more corruption and chaos. Occupation unveils a tale of wasted billions, lost lives, corporate greed, and a war that has left many questions unanswered.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Occupation premieres Sunday October 18th at 8pm on BBC America.


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