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House: The Tyrant Review

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 10/07/2009 at 11:38 am

Review by Tara.

House I am your patient. Having James Earl Jones as your patient you almost can’t go wrong, yet there were many aspects of this episode that either fell short or made me want to fast forward. Can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but I do feel that although we are only 3 episodes in, this season isn’t exactly must-see-TV.

“Oh my God it’s three years ago.” Thank you House for stating what will be the rest of this episode. And for some, a long awaited reunion. I never really cared much. Time has passed and while most of the online fandom has a general hate on for Thirteen and the screen time devoted to her, I enjoy Olivia Wilde. It is interesting to note that Peter Jacobsen, who plays Taub, was completely missing from the credits. Is he really gone? I assumed he (Taub) had quit because Foreman was now in charge, but his absence in the credits leaves me to question otherwise.

Because Foreman fired his girlfriend (which I’m glad that Chase thinks it was a (insert a bad word here) move to do. Because it was, Foreman, no matter how you try to justify it. Seriously) Cuddy wants Chase and Cameron to work for Foreman (House doesn’t have his license back so until then Mr. Unhappy, I’m looking at you Foreman, is in charge). To further complicate things their patient, Diabla, “…is one of the most repressive dictators in the world. We fix him he gets on a plane and he executes half of his country.” (Cameron)

House and Wilson at home. I love how House can tell when anything Wilson does is even remotely off. He didn’t put garlic on the chicken and he’s not wearing shoes. I think it’s so cute how extra special attention he plays to whatever Wilson is doing. Of course, House being House, those things aren’t just a coincidence. Why would they be? Who just decides to not wear their shoes all of a sudden? They’ve got a downstairs neighbor that has been complaining ever since House moved in. Ahh, a challenge for House.

In an odd twist of sorts, Cameron wants to kill her patient and finds it’s only natural. She’s not trying to kill their patient, but if he died she isn’t going to pretend that it isn’t better for the world. I agree in the sense that he is a ‘bad guy.’ but Cameron was always the one who never ever wanted to see death. I find it interesting that Chase is the one trying to tell her that’s never the appropriate thing to think. Of course that changes later on.

Jesse Spencer was the stand out for me in this episode. Not only did he get to do more in this episode in the last 3+ years but what he did with it reminded me that he is one talented actor. The scenes between Chase and Diabla where the only times I felt invested in the story line. Spencer really went toe to toe with the great Earl Jones. I forgot that he really did make a good foil to House, and look forward to seeing more of him. I’ve grown tired of Foreman and his antics, I’m more than ready to see Chase at the forefront. Plus what Chase did, without his wife’s knowledge, will definitely come into play later on and perhaps will shake up the show into a different, much needed, direction.

A couple of random thoughts: I like Thirteen. And hope she gets back on the team. I do not, however, like her with Foreman. Together they are boring and Foreman makes what can be an intriguing character, in my opinion, (Thirteen) as boring as him.

Normally I enjoy House’s little side stories. I didn’t really enjoy this story. That being said I did find the mirror magic box quite compelling and dare I say it, even moving.

We have seen far too little Cuddy this season. I know she always get a very short story line, if any, but I think we need more of her, and more of her now. Just like Wilson, she adds depth to both House as the character and a much needed element to the show, that’s so far been lacking.

One last thing. This show needs House at the lead. Foreman is tiring and arrogant in a way that is not, well, it’s not House. Let’s get this show and it’s people back where they all belong.

All in all I think there were possibly too many story lines going on. And because of that I didn’t or couldn’t quite engage myself in any of them in a way that I felt I should or wanted to. Is it just me or has this show started out a little rough? Is it the fact that we have House on a new path? I can’t put my finger on exactly what feels different or wrong, but I’m not where I was with this show last year.


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