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About DVR Life

DVR Life is a TV blog. We watch lot’s of TV. Mostly on DVR but also streamed, downloaded or on DVD, basically anyway you can possibly watch it with the least amount of commercials. We try to stay away from the “Next Week On…” parts of shows and avoid spoilers at all cost. You’ll never see spoilers on this blog. We don’t pay much attention to reality television. It’s rare that you’ll read about it here.

A note about times: DVR Life is based on the east coast, so all times refer to Eastern Standard Time. If you live elsewhere go ahead and delete an hour or two.

A note about reality tv: This blog is about scripted television programming. That’s what we prefer. We may mention a reality show from time to time in relation to network news or in an off handed comment but that’s about all.

If anyone would be interested in doing, say, a weekly column about reality tv, we would not be against that. But we don’t watch it so unless you’re willing to write it…

Get in touch.


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