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Models & Junkies Get The Ax

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The Beautiful Life: TBL

As I mentioned on Thursday, The CW has been having a rough go of it with their new series this season.  Other than Vampire Diaries, none of their new scripted series have been pulling very impressive ratings, including the much ballyhooed Melrose Place remake.  I wasn’t expecting a death so quickly, though, but after only two episodes The Beautiful Life: TBL has been given the ol’ heave-ho.

Other than the swiftness, not much about the cancellation is a surprise.  The first mistake came with the casting of Mischa Barton.  Mistake number two was the bungled PR handling of the show, including the ridiculous nude promotional photos debacle.  On the production side, fault lies with the tepid writing, which was predictable and bland.  We can’t really expect much more, though, from such a dull and overly-used premise (it girl disappears from the spolight, everyone assumes rehab, actually had a baby, surprise!).

There were pops of excitement, but those fleeting moments were mainly visual and were so few and far between.   Watching the show I often wondered why it lasted a full hour.  The network is shoveling episodes of Melrose Place in TBL’s timeslot, which I guess means another free hour for my DVR.

But wait!  There’s more: A&E has declined to renew (read: canceled) their latest new scripted series, The Cleaner.  The show was not exactly a favorite of ours, but many in TV critic circles seemed to enjoy it.  We always thought it was a bit too drab and depressing…only not in a good way.  We did like Benjamin Bratt, though, so we’re kinda bummed for him.

The decision to not renew the series for a third season means, atleast for now, A&E has no scripted series.  Not sure if they have anything in  the pipeline for the future, but the network recently merged with Lifetime, which was bought by NBC and blah blah blah.  Lot’s of business stuff, but we all know that, with Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva, Lifetime has been doing pretty well with scripted series and NBC sister nets like USA and SyFy have been killing it with so many hits the last few seasons to even list.

The Cleaner


The Battle For Sunday

In Army Wives, Best Thing I Ever Ate, DVR, Expedition Africa, In Plain Sight, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Merlin, Next Food Network Star, Programming, True Blood on 06/18/2009 at 2:06 pm

Networks are waging war on Sunday evenings and my poor DVR is caught in the middle. I expect this sort of thing in the Fall premiere season, but not summer. Unless you’ve got multiple DVR’s or one of the good cable systems that provide 4 way DVR tuners, you, like me, see certain nights like a crazy frustrating puzzle.

So, we can record two things at once and cable networks tend to broadcast their shows at multiple times. Keeping in mind there’s certain shows we are completely obsessed with and want to watch live (or as close to live as possible to avoid commercials) and trying to juggle all the back up knowledge ala “well, Food Network always runs a minute over but HBO shows end 7 or so minutes early” and blah blah blah.

So here’s what’s on this Sunday evening and how I’m planning to fill my two tuners. Numbers in BOLD are the showings I’ll set my DVR for:

Army Wives – Lifetime 10pm, 11pm, 12am
Expedition Africa – History 10pm, 2am
In Plain Sight – USA 10pm, 1am
Law & Order: Criminal Intent – USA 9pm, 12am
Merlin (2 episodes) – NBC 8pm, 9pm
The Next Food Network Star – Food Network 9pm, 12am
True Blood – HBO 9pm, 11pm
The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Food Network 10pm, 1am

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