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Occupation Preview

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Here’s an extended trailer for BBC America’s upcoming series Occupation.  The trailer hints at a dark and emotionally taxing drama.  We’re excited for the return of JamesNesbitt.  His last appearance on BBC America in Jekyll was spectacular, to say the least, and we’ve always held out hope that the network would one day show Murphy’s Law or any of his TV films (Quite Ugly One Morning, Passerby) we’ve heard such great things about.

The official description:

Having participated in the invasion, and helped fly a critically injured child from Basra to a UK hospital, three soldiers find it impossible to slot back into civilian life. Driven by very different motives – each heads back to Basra.  Sergeant Mike Swift (James Nesbitt, Jekyll, Murphy’s Law) returns for the love of an Iraqi doctor, Aliyah (Lubna Azabal). Corporal Danny Peterson (Stephen Graham, Boardwalk Empire, This Is England) returns for money, setting up a private security firm. Lance Corporal Lee Hibbs (Warren Brown, Shameless) returns because he passionately believes in the mission to rebuild the country and help the Iraqi people—and the mission is nowhere near accomplished.  Amid growing sectarian conflict, and a boom time fuelled by billions of dollars from the U.S., their dreams of riches, love and making a difference come to define not just their lives but also the occupation itself.

As months turn into years, their lives move in directions they could have never imagined. Mike’s marriage falls apart as he pursues a love affair with an Iraqi doctor, who is now obliged to work within the country’s new religious framework at the hospital. Hibbs is deeply affected by the murder of his closest Iraqi friend, and begins to psychologically unravel. Mercenary Danny’s blatant exploitation of the situation leads to even more corruption and chaos. Occupation unveils a tale of wasted billions, lost lives, corporate greed, and a war that has left many questions unanswered.

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Occupation premieres Sunday October 18th at 8pm on BBC America.


AMC Renews Mad Men

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Mad Men

Could we possibly make it to Beatlemania?  Maybe Woodstock?  The moon landing?  What will Don do when he comes upon his first hippie?  All things to ponder while celebrating the news that AMC has renewed Mad Men for a fourth season.  Thankfully, there was none of the contentiousness that swirled around the show’s renewal and Matthew Weiner’s contract negotiations last year.  No word on how many episodes were ordered, but Variety says we can expect the show to return in late summer again.

While we’re at it, it’s been a fantastic summer for Weiner’s fellow The Sopranos alum: Edie Falco reinvented herself with Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, Steve Buscemi and Terence Winter landed again at HBO with Martin Scorcese’s Boardwalk Empire, Jamie-Lynn Sigler playing herself has been quite a highlight to this season of Entourage,  James Gandolfini’s In The Loop has become a critical darling and multiple members of the cast, both mobsters and FBI agents, appeared on last week’s mobbed-up episode of USA’s Monk.

Mad Men is currently airing it’s third season each Sunday at 10pm on AMC,

HBO Pickups Boardwalk Empire

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We here at DVR Life love knowing when good television is in works!  Variety broke word that HBO has ordered an 11 episode first season of Martin Scorceses’ Boardwalk Empire.  We already announced how excited we were about this new series, but if you need a refresher:  The series revolves around Atlantic City in the 19020’s.  New Jersey’s shore is awash with political corruption, gangsters, and vice and who better to bring it the small screen than HBO and Martin Scorcese?  I personally think the two have done more than enough to prove themselves when it comes to quality productions in general and, specifically, mobbed-up story lines.

To sweeten the pot, Scorcese will be sharing executive producer duties with actor/producer Mark Wahlberg, who handles both HBO’s Entourage and In Treatment , and former producer of The Sopranos, Terance Winter.  Throw in a couple more HBO alumni, The Sopranos‘ Steve Buscemi and The Wire‘s Michael Kenneth Williams, in starring positions and we’ve got one hell of a package coming our way.

Scorcese directed the pilot and will remain a hands on producer throughout the production of the series, slated to start filming this fall in New York.  Word is the show may be making it’s first appearance sometime in March of 2010, along with David Simon’s first post-The Wire project, a New Orleans-based series called Treme.

HBO Renews It’s Summer Line-up

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True Blood

Here we come summer 2010!  HBO, not surprisingly, renewed it’s entire Summer line-up.  The two hour Sunday night block, anchored by vamp-phenom True Blood, has been turning in rather stellar ratings for the pay network.  We won’t say HBO was in desperate need for some hits, but I’m sure things haven’t been quite the same at network headquarters since the golden day of The Sopranos and Sex And The City.

True Blood will be returning for it’s third season, Entourage for it’s seventh and new comer Hung will be back for it’s sophomore year.

What is a bit of a surprise, is that while HBO has set plans for it’s entire summer 2010 schedule, it’s spring schedule is still a bit hazy.  The network will be on a big Tom Hanks kick when it airs Playtone-produced Big Love in January and then Hanks-Spielberg produced WWII miniseries The Pacific in March.  David Simon’s The Wire follow-up, New Orleans-based Treme, will be coming around in March.  It’s even possible that Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire, starring Steve Buscemi and Michael Kenneth Williams, will most likely be making an appearance as well.

HBO executives told AP the network hasn’t ruled out new seasons of In Treatment or The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, but nothing is set as of now.  Same goes for Flight of the Conchords, though we’re guessing Conchords will  be back eventually.

Marty Brings Omar Back To HBO

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I don’t usually post about television shows that have just started production and have no premiere date set. If I where to do that I’d be posting two hundred times a day and half of the shows mentioned would never make it to the screen. Because of this I tend to hold off writing about shows until I know they’re going to air. I’m not trying to be the next Variety or anything.

I do make exceptions when I get really excited about something, though, and now’s one of those times. The Hollywood Reporter let out that Michael Kenneth Williams will be joining the cast of Boardwalk Empire. I had yet to hear about this project so I checked it and thought “This is awesome on so many levels”, so I’m gonna break it down:

  1. He played my absolute favorite bad-ass to ever appear on television: The Wire‘s Omar Little
  2. It’s going to be on HBO
  3. It’s being directed by Martin Scorsese
  4. Also stars Steve Buscemi, who always plays an awesome sleaze bag
  5. The premise makes me think Deadwood and Gangs of New York meets The Sopranos

The project is based on a book of the same title and the description pretty says it all:

A bustling little city by the seashore, totally dependent upon money spent by tourists, Atlantic City’s popularity rose in the early 20th century and peaked during Prohibition. The resort’s singular purpose of providing a good time to its visitors—whether lawful or not—demanded a single mentality to rule the town. Success of the local economy was the only ideology, and critics and do-gooders weren’t tolerated.

By 1900, a political juggernaut, funded by payoffs from gambling rooms, bars, and brothels, was firmly entrenched. For the next 70 years, Atlantic City was dominated by a partnership comprised of local politicians and racketeers. This unique alliance reached full bloom in the person of Enoch “Nucky” Johnson—the second of three bosses to head the Republican machine that dominated city politics and society.

In Boardwalk Empire, Nucky Johnson, Louis “the Commodore” Kuehnle, Frank “Hap” Farley, and Atlantic City itself spring to life in all their garish splendor. Author Nelson Johnson traces “AC” from its humble beginnings as Jonathan Pitney’s seaside health resort, through the notorious backroom politics and power struggles, to the city’s astonishing rebirth as an entertainment and gambling mecca where anything goes.

Boardwalk Empire is a colorful, irresistible history of a unique city and culture. Here is proof positive that truth is stranger—and more compelling—than fiction.

So, gambling, political corruption, race relations, racketeering…all sounds pretty damn good to me. Production has just started, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and maybe we’ll be watching Boardwalk Empire in the 2010 season.

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