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The Beautiful Life: TBL Premieres Tonight

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The Beautiful Life: TBL

While we think the ‘TBL‘ is part of The Beautiful Life: TBL is kinda dumb and we suspect that certain members of the cast would never make it past the first season (assuming there’ll be a second), we’re kinda looking forward to tonight’s premiere of the series.  The CW pulled out the usual stops, nudity included, in promoting the show and even did a pretty good job of keeping Mischa Barton’s meltdown from over-taking the series.  Bravo on that, by the way.

We’ve come to expect nothing less than a staggering level of drama and beautiful people when it comes to The CW’s new scripted series and we’re pretty sure we will not be disapointed  by TBL: TBL (that second TBL is just so unneccesary, right?).  Gone, apparently, are the cutesy days of Gilmore Girls, the high school fun of Roswell, the family friendly 7th Heaven, the angsty era of Felicity and Dawson’s Creek.  No folks, in the late aught’s it’s all about the B-I-T-C-H and the oh snap and the sex appeal.

We’re not complaining…really.  We’re still watching and squealing (silently to ourselves, of course) with joy each time Blair brings a girl to tears.  We’re just a little worried that the bitchy factor may be tipping a little too far, between Gossip Girl, Melrose Place and TBL: TBL.  Oh and 90210.  We don’t watch that one but we assume there’s a bunch of pretty people being nasty to each other on that show, too.

Anyway, here’s a whole bunch of sexy, pretty people being nasty, mean spirited and gorgeous:

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Gossip Girl Returns!

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Gossip Girl

Hopefully you caught our One Tree Hill roundup earlier.  We’re now moving on to Gossip Girl!  The CW has been slightly stingy when it comes to promotional trailers for the upcoming third season of the show.  Of course, there’s the slew of WTF trailers they posted to their youtube channel, but not a peep since, unless you count behind the scenes trailers.  We don’t really count them, though as…well, we don’t really like behind the scenes stuff too much here at DVR Life.  We tend to feel like they kind of kill the magic in a whole you don’t know wanna know what’s in that hotdog kinda way.  There was a pretty funny Chuck Bass appearance on Jimmy Fallon the other night, though.

Others news surrounding this season of Gossip Girl has been related to guest appearances and casting, mainly.  We learned that, even though she’s now starring in NBC’s upcoming medical drama Mercy, Michelle Trachtenburg will be making an appearance as Blair’s college dorm-mate.  Blair’s reaction to that news will be beyond priceless, I’m sure.  In the realm of brilliant casting, Firefly‘s Gina Torres has been cast for multiple episodes as Vanessa’s mother.

Gina Tores

Outside of character casting, there’s the gay storyline spoiler floating around and, what we’re most excited about: the awesomeness of a Sonic Youth guest appearance!  The band will be playing their song Starpower off their 1986 album Evol.  This should be even better than their short spot on Gilmore Girls a few years back!

And just in case you needed it, here’s the season three up to speed trailer:

Gossip Girl returns for it’s third season tonight, September 14th at 9pm on The CW.

Melissa McCarthy Joins ABC’s Hank!

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Melissa McCarthy

We love it when favorite actors of ours find new roles!  Michael Ausiello broke the word yesterday that Melissa McCarthy has been hired to appear in Kelsey Grammer’s upcoming ABC sitcom Hank.  She’s set to takeover a reccurring role as Dawn, Kelsey Grammer’s sister-in-law.  We last saw Melissa as Dena on ABC’s recently ended Samantha Who?, though we of course fell in love with her as Sookie St. James, brilliant chef and talkative best friend of Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.

You can see a preview of Hank that we posted last month here.

Hank premieres on ABC Wednesday September 30th at 8pm.

Pilot Review: Community

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You know that feeling you get from a good laugh?  That feel-good feeling, like your day just got a bit brighter and maybe everything isn’t so bad?  I kinda dig that feeling.  It’s hard to get that feeling for me – I’m a glass half empty type.  It’s a curse.  My burden.  It’s something I try to work on.

Certain TV shows tend to give me that feeling.  Witty, smart comedies, mostly.  30 Rock, Better Off Ted, The Office, all currently airing shows that spring to mind.  I’m sure you’ve probably guessed by now where this is headed.  Not exactly the master of unpredictable (or even readable) writing here.

I watched the pilot of Community, a new half hour sitcom set to air on NBC this fall.  As the episode ended, my first thought was, “Wow, this will go so great with The Office and 30 Rock on NBC.”  Take note there, because that’s probably the only time, in relation to the 2009 Fall season, that I will say I’m happy about something being on NBC.  For all it’s pitfalls and blunders, NBC has always been known, and still holds on to, the title for best comedic sitcoms in my book and gets a lot of credit for giving those comedies a chance to catch on.

The series revolves around Jeff Winger, played by The Soup‘s Joel McHale  The character lands somewhere right between a hustler, a player and a seemingly nice guy.  Even with those qualities, though, I somehow ended up routing for him to succeed.  He was a lawyer, until the state bar association realized his degree came via email attachment from Columbia the country, as opposed to Columbia the school.  That’s when he was sent on his way to Greendale Community College.

Once on campus we recognize many faces from around the TV world.  There’s folks from Mad Men, The Daily Show, The Book of Daniel, Greek, Gilmore Girls, Rules of Engagement and even the aforementioned 30 Rock.  Don’t get me wrong here – we’re not talking John Hamm or Tina Fey, but you’ll probably do a double take and have to check IMDB a time or two.

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From Small Screen To Big

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Our posts about movies are few and far between.  We pretty much only write about big screen productions that include actors better known for, or who got their start on, television.  If we did this for each and every cross over, well that’d be a whole new blog, but we thought we’d give you a nice little double shot here, one from each end of the spectrum.

First up is Post Grad, a cute little film starring Alexis Bledel, who got her start as the ultra-cute Rory on Gilmore Girls and Zach Gilford, better known as Matt Saracen of Friday Night Lights.

Post Grad

And the second clip is for a horror flick called Legion.  The film stars a slew of TV actors, including, oddly enough, a bunch of soap opera stars.  We don’t cover soap operas, so we’ll stick with the primetime players, though.  As with the last movie, this one stars another Friday Night Lights alum, Adrianne Palicki, who you might also recognize from CW’s Supernatural.  Joining her are Kate Walsh of Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin Durand of Lost, Touching Evil and Dark Angel, and finally, Jon Tenney of The Closer and The Division.

Warning: This trailer is not safe for work! Lot’s of cussing and violence. This is an R Rated trailer.


The Beginning

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First post. For no reason, of course. This is something to ease into, I suppose.

I watch TV. Alot of it. More than most people. More than is considered healthy.

Favorite shows of all time: Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Gossip Girl, In Treatment, Friday Night Lights, The Wire, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, The Sopranos.

My viewing habits are all over the place. From teen dramas to cop shows, comedies to night time soaps, you’ll come to find I watch a little of pretty much everything. That “pretty much” is referring to “reality” TV. From this point on I’ll borrow the great words of Aaron Sorkin and use the phrase “illiterate programming” when writing about such drivel.

I never watch anything live. DVR viewing only. As such, when I say “Delayed Blogging (insert TV show)” that means I’m live blogging my thoughts, but watching on a DVR. You’ll see this from time to time.