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House – Instant Karma Review

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 10/17/2009 at 8:28 am

House – Instant Karma review by Tara

Normally the patient’s are just the ‘means’ they are the case but we don’t normally care much about them. It’s how the team comes together after trial and error (and trial and error, because as they usually do solve the ‘unsolvable’ it isn’t without a lot of miss fires) to fix them that compels us to watch. But this week, our patient, the son of a very wealthy man, excites me in a way no one has thus this season.

“I want House.” Three words and yet I practically leapt out of my seat. Finally. Someone saying what I have been saying. (And I imagine everyone at home, unless they really dig Foreman). So maybe it’s not the patient I love, as his father, demanding the unshaven doctor be the one treating his son. And he’s played by the guy we see everywhere, Lee Tergesen, (most famous in my mind for his role on Oz), so it’s like he really is the voice of the people. “I want the best. And everyone I’ve asked says that’s House. So unless he’s dead, comatose, or insane, I want him treating my son today.” My response to this is, why did the TPTB make us wait this long for you?

The scenes between Chase and Foreman where they are trying to figure out how they are going to cover up Chase basically killing President Dibala in last week’s episode served two different purposes for me. In one sense I felt like I was getting hit over the head with how serious this was and how Foreman could lose his job, etc, etc. I got it writers. But what I did like about the story line was Chase’s way of coping. He could not be present with his wife at all. So distant. And yet he, in many ways, if I were to take last week’s scene correctly, did it for his wife. Numerous times we were shown Cameron waking up alone. Foreshadowing absolutely. Again, I really think Jesse Spencer is showing some great acting chops in these two episodes. (Then again these two episodes is more he has had to do than in the last two years). Not really a fan of House knowing, an in an essence being okay with what Chase and Foreman (since Foreman burned the evidence) did. Wasn’t there something in the past Chase did that House reprimanded him for? And I think it was far less than killing someone.

As I’ve said before I actually like Thirteen, but what in the world was that randomness? I mean, really? I still don’t understand it. This actually made me start to believe those theories that the writers really do just want her in whatever possible, because, seriously what the peanut butter crackers was that all about? House tells her he doesn’t want her back on the team because he wants to save his relationship with Foreman? (I won’t even go into the weirdness that was the cab ride) Then later when Cuddy brings up the fact that Thirteen called about the hacking, (seriously why can’t she just re-book her flight? Am I missing something?) House then says it’s about Foreman staying in charge of the team. I don’t know. The whole thing confused me. Then Wilson got involved. So he did hack it? But for what reason? I still don’t get, or don’t understand. Wow. I could write more about how I feel that was the most pointless storyline, but I feel you get my drift.

Two weeks in with the old team and I can honestly say I don’t really care either way. I don’t have strong opinions one way or the other. I remember when the introduced the new team a few years ago, I thought it was a nice way to literally infuse the show with new blood. Now, as we go back to the old cast, who have been relegated, with the exception of Omar Epps as Foreman, as side players, it becomes even more apparent. It doesn’t matter who is on the team, it’s House that matters. My problem now with the re-introduction of the old team, is having to remember who and where they where. I know there are some out there who could run a list of Cameron facts, but I can’t. I don’t think I knew either her or Chase’s first names until this week’s episode. Again, I find myself not caring, but at the same time thinking, I should know this by now. It’s an odd thing to be thinking in the middle of watching a familiar television show.

A few final thoughts: Again I loved just the little moment between House and Cuddy where they where talking about Foreman staying in charge. “He loves power. And I loves puzzles.” “You love power and puzzles,” Cuddy retorts. “True, but when I had then both..” There’s just that little moment where they look at each other. It’s perfect. It’s not a Wilson/House moment, but it’s close. And again I still like how House is really trying to not fall back into old habits but move in a forward direction, stemming from that first episode.

What made this episode infinitely better than those before it: House actually being involved in the patient’s case. Therefore we are slowly getting are show back.


House: The Tyrant Review

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 10/07/2009 at 11:38 am

Review by Tara.

House I am your patient. Having James Earl Jones as your patient you almost can’t go wrong, yet there were many aspects of this episode that either fell short or made me want to fast forward. Can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but I do feel that although we are only 3 episodes in, this season isn’t exactly must-see-TV.

“Oh my God it’s three years ago.” Thank you House for stating what will be the rest of this episode. And for some, a long awaited reunion. I never really cared much. Time has passed and while most of the online fandom has a general hate on for Thirteen and the screen time devoted to her, I enjoy Olivia Wilde. It is interesting to note that Peter Jacobsen, who plays Taub, was completely missing from the credits. Is he really gone? I assumed he (Taub) had quit because Foreman was now in charge, but his absence in the credits leaves me to question otherwise.

Because Foreman fired his girlfriend (which I’m glad that Chase thinks it was a (insert a bad word here) move to do. Because it was, Foreman, no matter how you try to justify it. Seriously) Cuddy wants Chase and Cameron to work for Foreman (House doesn’t have his license back so until then Mr. Unhappy, I’m looking at you Foreman, is in charge). To further complicate things their patient, Diabla, “…is one of the most repressive dictators in the world. We fix him he gets on a plane and he executes half of his country.” (Cameron)

House and Wilson at home. I love how House can tell when anything Wilson does is even remotely off. He didn’t put garlic on the chicken and he’s not wearing shoes. I think it’s so cute how extra special attention he plays to whatever Wilson is doing. Of course, House being House, those things aren’t just a coincidence. Why would they be? Who just decides to not wear their shoes all of a sudden? They’ve got a downstairs neighbor that has been complaining ever since House moved in. Ahh, a challenge for House.

In an odd twist of sorts, Cameron wants to kill her patient and finds it’s only natural. She’s not trying to kill their patient, but if he died she isn’t going to pretend that it isn’t better for the world. I agree in the sense that he is a ‘bad guy.’ but Cameron was always the one who never ever wanted to see death. I find it interesting that Chase is the one trying to tell her that’s never the appropriate thing to think. Of course that changes later on.

Jesse Spencer was the stand out for me in this episode. Not only did he get to do more in this episode in the last 3+ years but what he did with it reminded me that he is one talented actor. The scenes between Chase and Diabla where the only times I felt invested in the story line. Spencer really went toe to toe with the great Earl Jones. I forgot that he really did make a good foil to House, and look forward to seeing more of him. I’ve grown tired of Foreman and his antics, I’m more than ready to see Chase at the forefront. Plus what Chase did, without his wife’s knowledge, will definitely come into play later on and perhaps will shake up the show into a different, much needed, direction.

A couple of random thoughts: I like Thirteen. And hope she gets back on the team. I do not, however, like her with Foreman. Together they are boring and Foreman makes what can be an intriguing character, in my opinion, (Thirteen) as boring as him.

Normally I enjoy House’s little side stories. I didn’t really enjoy this story. That being said I did find the mirror magic box quite compelling and dare I say it, even moving.

We have seen far too little Cuddy this season. I know she always get a very short story line, if any, but I think we need more of her, and more of her now. Just like Wilson, she adds depth to both House as the character and a much needed element to the show, that’s so far been lacking.

One last thing. This show needs House at the lead. Foreman is tiring and arrogant in a way that is not, well, it’s not House. Let’s get this show and it’s people back where they all belong.

All in all I think there were possibly too many story lines going on. And because of that I didn’t or couldn’t quite engage myself in any of them in a way that I felt I should or wanted to. Is it just me or has this show started out a little rough? Is it the fact that we have House on a new path? I can’t put my finger on exactly what feels different or wrong, but I’m not where I was with this show last year.

House: Epic Fail Review

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 09/29/2009 at 2:42 pm
Epic Fail
A review of last night’s House episode, Epic Fail, by Tara.

For a brief moment I became a bit nervous wondering if this weeks’ patient was going to be trapped inside a video game. Luckily, for me, that’s not case, no pun intended.

And the regular opening credits are back. Meaning the show is back. Yes, technically it was back last week with a very incredible two hour episode, but it stood alone, devoid of any regular cast members outside of the great Hugh Laurie (who must find it nice to have his Emmy episode already done). I still find it odd that they have yet to include Peter Jacobsen or Olivia Wilde in the opening credits.

Thirteen doesn’t know what is wrong with Vince’s hands and suggests transferring him to see a neurologist. But in a not so clever way of getting us to ask, “what about House?” our patient seems to already know about our “famous diagnostic guy” which cuts to House saying he quits to Cuddy and Foreman. And when Foreman tries to tell him he can’t, we get one, of the many great one liners of the night, “I think you are confusing me with Jake Gyllenhall.” Brokeback Mountain shout out. Love it.

House is okay and he wants to remain so, showing that last week’s episode did in fact make a lasting impression. He doesn’t want to stay in this environment, wants to go where there is less pressure.  Not one to waste an opportunity, Foreman is quick to ask if he can run the department.

Who needs doctors when you have the internet? The patient is using the internet to help diagnosis himself. He believes he has mercury poisoning. Taub and Thirteen run the blood test, without their new boss’s approval.

Foreman uncovering House’s desk is like a kid uncovering his Christmas presents. He is clearly excited about being the new House. (The team it appears has not been working together while House has been in recovery). Cameron, walks in on him eyeing House’s ball. Yeah you heard me. “You know how House feels about people touching his balls.” Oh Cameron, there you are to give your one little piece of dialogue to remind us that you are still a cast member of this show. “No Chase refuses to tell me,” bites back Foreman. “Right my husband is gay.” My husband! Oh wait, that’s right. Again, I forgot. Chase and Cameron got married last season. I really tend to forget these two are even on the show. Why are they even on the show? They have been reduced to minimal if any screen time.

(ed. note: EW broke the news last week that Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison, will be leaving the series.  Her final episode will be in November, though Chase will remain.)

I like seeing that House is still seeking therapy. And I like seeing Braugher back as Dr. Nolan. We find out that House and Wilson are roommates. At long last. It’s what they have always wanted; they just needed a doctor’s permission. Nolan suggest House finds a hobby to help keep him busy, occupied.

I enjoy any and all scenes between House and Wilson. The actors have such great chemistry. The two of them at the cooking class. “How hard are you trying not to make a ball joke your right now? “Your balls, they are browning way too fast. Blue is the color you’ve got to watch out for.” I have to admit I’m not as engaged with the patient story lines, but they’ve got me laughing out loud at these one liners.

And maybe it’s okay that I’m not finding myself that involved with the patient.  It usually isn’t really about them anyway, more about the doctors, and this episode is clearly more about Foreman trying to distinguish himself from House and being just as competent as him. He’s having a hard time doing either. Lucky for him he has his girlfriend there to try and make him feel better. Boost his ego. Tell him he can do this by ‘being himself.’

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House: Broken Review

In 2009 Fall Season, Homicide: Life On The Streets, House, Men In Trees, Thief on 09/22/2009 at 2:04 pm
A review of last night’s two hour House season premiere by Tara!
What an appropriate title for this episode. In every sense of the word, House was broken. And it took the very talented Andre Braugher (Homicide, Thief), playing House’s psychiatrist, Dr. Nolan, to not only make House see that but, more importantly, to acknowledge it, accept it and make peace with it.
This episode was not the traditional formula we are used to seeing. Rather than the hospital where the ‘team’ tries to figure out what’s wrong with this week’s patient, the first images we see are those of House going through withdrawals, in a singular cell like bedroom. Once the images stop and we see that House has begun to recover, it becomes clear that he is ready to leave. And he goes about doing so in typical House fashion.
With that we get our first introduction between Dr. Nolan and House. House tells him he’s a lot better and wants to leave, “Gonna miss you. Wanna start missing you as soon as possible.” The sarcasm begins. Nolan counters with, “your issues run deeper than Vicodin,” as he has been misusing the drug for years but his hallucinations happened only after two colleagues died. House wants to leave but Nolan stops him by saying he can’t without his recommendation.
Welcome to Ward Six.
Just a quick look around the room and we see men playing ping pong, a girl with very large and broken glasses holding a stuffed animal that even when I paused my DVR I couldn’t figure out what it was. I don’t know why but I’m curious.

House Returns!

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 09/21/2009 at 2:55 pm


The doctor returns!  Hopefully you’re ready for a near overload of snark and bitter humor because tonight marks the return of House with a two hour season premiere.  Here’s a quick little round up of House related posts we’ve done lately.  There’s been a few:

First off, there were all those cast photos.  While the gray background is a little less than interesting, the raining pills shot of House is kinda cool.  After those promotional photos came the promotional trailers.  While all three of them had their attributes, the second gave us our first look at Andre Braugher’s guest appearance.

That initial little promotional push was followed up Snakes On A Cane, a witty little campaign from the mind of Hugh Laurie.  Part one featured the launch of and a glitzy-creepy poster, that we hoped was digital cgi effects.  We later learned, though, that it featured real snakes.

Finally, there was the Alpha Male promotional trailer just last week.  For some reason, though, Hulu and Fox made that a limited-time only sort of thing, so while our post shall last forever, there’s not much to see anymore.

House returns tonight, Monday September 21st at 8pm, with a two hour sixth season premiere on Fox.

House Promo: Alpha Male

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House, Hulu on 09/16/2009 at 2:39 pm


While browsing around Hulu last night we came across this here House trailer entitled Alpha Male.  Get ready for a good laugh or two at someone else’s expense, of course (it is House, after all) and get excited for next week’s two hour season premiere!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

House returns to Fox with a two hour season premiere next Monday, September 21st at 8pm.

House Promo Had Real Snakes!

In 2009 Fall Season, Advertising, Fox, Fry and Laurie, House on 09/09/2009 at 2:08 pm


Remember when we were hoping those were not real snakes?  Turns out they were! has a new behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, real snakes, British accents and all!  If you’ve somehow managed to steer clear of every Hugh Laurie interview ever and have never seen Fry and Laurie or any of his other previous shows, you’ll get to hear Dr. House crack a few jokes in his native accent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

House returns to Fox for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm with a two hour season premiere.

New House Poster

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House, Mad Men on 09/04/2009 at 12:30 pm


Pretty nifty new poster for season six of House.  The good doctor is a bit tied up in a giant scary snake.  Here’s hoping for Hugh Laurie’s sake that this is all computer animation.  When Jon Hamm sits waist deep in water for a photo shoot, it’s kinda cool.  When someone lets a giant anaconda-esque thing get a death-grip on them…not so cool.  According to Ausiello, this is the final piece of the Snakes On A Cane campaign.

In case you missed them: House season 6 promotional trailers and cast photos.

As an added bonus, I thought I’d throw in a little behind the scenes video on the building of the mental institution for the above Snakes On A Cane webpage:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

House returns to Fox for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm with a two hour season premiere.

House Season 6 Trailers

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 08/26/2009 at 9:39 am


If you thought that big bunch of House promotional photos we posted yesterday was cool, you’re gonna love these!  The two official trailers Fox released this summer.  The first popped up in mid July or so and the second premiered this month.  The song’s the same and so is much of the beginning, but there’s a lot of new footage in the second trailer.  The third trailer is the only of the three to be officially posted by Fox.  It’s the same as the first with a different score.  Looks like they’ll be some exciting times at the institution!

House returns with a two-hour season premiere for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm on Fox.

House Season Promotional Photos

In 2009 Fall Season, Fox, House on 08/25/2009 at 4:17 pm


House!  Lot’s of House!  The entire cast of House!  They’re season 6 promotional photos released by the network.  We got em via  Not sure if that’s an official site or not.  It should be.  Their Daily House-isms are a fun read and, which we know is an official site, is kinda lame.  Despite the witty address and awesome picture, it’s just a countdown clock for the season premiere.


House returns with a two-hour season premiere for it’s sixth season on Monday September 21st at 8pm on Fox.  Promo pics for the entire cast after the jump!

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In 24, Breaking Bad, Castle, Cold Case, Cupid, Fringe, House, Medium, Rescue Me, Saving Grace, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, The Unit on 04/12/2009 at 7:26 pm

Slim pickings tonight (Sunday), people. As usual, CBS is running behind due to sports (golf, I believe), so adjust your DVR’s as necessary The Unit and Cold Case fans.

I’ve actually given up watching Cold Case due to so many episodes being cutoff because of sports. I try to DVR The Unit and sometimes I remember to fix the end time but usually it’s torrent time! Hopefully now that I no longer work Sunday nights my average will get better.

And don’t forget Breaking Bad. While I love this show, it’s one of the few that I prefer to backup a bit on my DVR and watch a few episodes back to back.

House. I’m hoping they don’t waste too much time on House’s murder theory. While last week’s episode was quite fantastic, I thought that was the one weak part.

24. It’s getting really late! Jon Voight was scarily awesome last week as Jonas Hodges and I’m hoping he keeps it up for this episode. I’m also hoping someone finally sees Olivia Taylor as the snake she seems to be. I’m wondering if this week may finally see the return of Kim Bauer, too. Hopefully so.

Medium. Ah, Allison, the love of my life. A little back and forth this week as Allison gets to relive her pregnancy. It was rather disturbing when Marie crept into Allison and Joe‘s bedroom with that gun. Now we get to see pre-Marie.

Castle. Last week we were treated an ice pop druggie that no one bothered looking for and this week we are given a ritualistic killing. Behold the ups and downs of the modern cop drama.

Saving Grace. We’re creeping up on Leon‘s final hours – will Grace have a revelation and step in? I’m wondering how rough the back and forth between Leon and Earl as time reaches the midnight hour.

Fringe. I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. I had to download the torrent after returning home from work to realize the last 7 or so minutes were cut off by the ultimate in “illiterate programming”. Way to force me into being illegal, Fox.

Rescue Me. Ah, finally. After a really lengthy hiatus, last week’s episode was chock full of back story and a few new surprises. I don’t about anyone else but Chief Feinberg has been creeping me out. Obviously, Tommy‘s gonna keep his job or there wouldn’t be a show but I suspect the upcoming Section 8 hearing will be a laugher. I’m really looking forward to Tommy learning of Black Shawn and his daughters relationship, as well.

Cupid. We’re up to the third episode and I’m digging it. Sarah Paulson is not quite as cute as she was in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip due to her characters jaded attitude but Bobby Cannavale‘s sweetly determined Eros/Trevor balances her out quite well.

Get them at iTunes.

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