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4 Minute Look At Trauma

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We’ve got a great little clip of the Trauma pilot here!  Now, we normally do not watch the extended clips of premiere episodes the networks have been releasing this season.  It’s just too much for us – we prefer to wait until the show is airing and we can watch the entire thing.  Not so with Trauma, though, because the series is competing with a handful of other shows on our DVR for a recording slot, so we thought it would be prudent to watch a couple minutes and see if it’s worth the slot.

After watching this four minute clip, we figure we’ll give it a shot for a few weeks.  At first it starts off like most medical dramas: lot’s of yelling “clear!” and even more pushing of “epi”.  That’s only at first though…From there it’s spins on out into ER territory with a crash-boom-bang, lots of quick camera shots and lots of screaming.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trauma premiers next Monday, September 28th st 9pm on NBC.

Considering that Trauma runs at the same time as Gossip Girl and Lie To Me, do you think it deserves one of the two slots on our DVR?


Fox Premiere Dates For Fall 2009

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Fox’s Fall 2009 premiere schedule is out as of today. Since they already announced days and time slots during their upfront presentations, there’s really no surprises here, just helpful hints as to when to set your DVR.

As always, I left off reality shows and all times are Eastern Standard/Western. Subtract an hour or two if you’re in Central or Mountain Time.

Many folks are looking forward to the return of Glee. I watched the first few minutes of the pilot but thought it was a bit cliche with sort of bad writing…But perhaps I was just in a bad mood because everyone seemed to love it. I have it saved on my DVR so I’ll give it a second chance. I do have to say, though, that airing the pilot after American Idol this Spring was a pretty ingenius move by Fox – it really built up alot of excitement for their Fall season. I suppose, thought, that if the series had bombed it would have looked like a giant mistake.

I’m looking forward to the return of Fringe and many a sci-fi geek out there is clamoring for the second shot at Dollhouse. I’m also looking forward to Lie To Me, which according to the twitters of the shows producers and writers, seems like it will have an exciting season.

The one thing I did notice was the fact that, of scripted programming, there’s only three new shows for the fall season with most new pilots not making it to the schedule until 2010.

Wed, Sept. 16
9:00 – GLEE

Thurs, Sept. 17
8:00 – BONES
9:00 – FRINGE

Fri, Sept. 18
8:30 – ‘TIL DEATH

Mon, Sept. 21
8:00 – HOUSE (2-Hour Premiere)

Sun, Sept. 27

Mon, Sept. 28
9:00 – LIE TO ME

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Showrunner Musical Chairs

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Fox announced yesterday that Lie To Me will be returning for a second season and it has a new showrunner: Shawn Ryan. Ryan’s resume is short but sweet: FX’s former gritty and ultra violent cop drama The Shield and CBS’ slick and more mainstream The Unit.

The two shows are polar opposites, which is not something you see much of – usually a writer/producer has a certain set style that they stick with but Ryan’s two shows don’t have much in common. Obviously The Unit leans more towards the usual CBS fare, which tends to be geared towards middle-agers while The Shield was more in your face, fast paced ala 18-39 crowd. David Mamet was The Unit’s other showrunner, but the show doesn’t really match his super talk-laden playwrite style either, so who know’s where The Unit gets it’s style from.

I’m interested in seeing if Ryan pushes Lie To Me into dirtier territory or not. Keeping in mind that it’s on Fox, which means either an 8pm or 9pm slot, he can’t start cursing and slaughtering like in The Shield. Remember, though, that FX and Fox is the same parent company so they may permit him some leeway that CBS may not.

Ryan has another project with CBS for the 2009 season called Confessions Of A Contractor based on a book about an LA contractor working with wealthy clients and falling in love. The deal is for a put pilot (that means the network will have to pay heavy penalties if the pilot is not picked up) but is cast-contingent (meaning the network has a say in casting). In January the network announced that, because they couldn’t find a lead actor for the series, it was being pushed to mid-season.

Another showrunner shuffle occurred last week at CBS: Executive producers Ed Yeager and Ric Swartzlander will be leaving CBS family laugher Gary Unmarried. The show is about to wrap up it’s first season with consistantly so-so ratings and there’s no word if there’ll even be a second season yet. “Creative differences” was the reason given.

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