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Primeval Uncanceled!

In BBC America, Primeval, Programming on 09/30/2009 at 2:46 pm


We love a good surprise when it comes to TV news and have we got one!  After being a big hit and signing all kinds of worldwide deals, ITV went ahead and canceled it’s hit sci-fi series Primeval.  Here we are now a few months later and what the heck do they go and do?  They uncancel it!

The list of shows that have been canceled and then uncanceled is a rather short one and we’re certainly glad to add Primeval to it.  We must admit that, due to BBC America airing Primeval much later in the states than in the UK, news of the cancellation came in about half way through series 3 airing in the U.S.  Being the petty, story obsessed TV snobs we are, DVR Life didn’t even bother watching the season finale because we were tipped off to the cliff hanger ending and figured…you know, why bother?  So now we better catch up!

According to the press release, the series will return in 2011 with 13 new episodes featuring the same cast as series 3.  No word on when it will air on BBC America, but we’re hoping for a summer return.


Preview: SyFy’s Alice

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It’s quite a ways off, but there’s a pretty cool promotional trailer already for SyFy’s upcoming four-hour two-part mini-series Alice.  The production is a reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s twisted yet family friendly Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

From the official SyFy press release:

For this re-imagined adaptation, writer/director Nick Willing mines the bizarre ingenuity and twisted logic of Carroll’s work to create a daringly different, boldly colorful and delightfully skewed dreamscape of his own.

The project features a large and impressive cast that, if you’re familiar with the sci-fi genre and/or Canadian TV, you’ll be astounded by.  The lineup consists of stars (not just guest stars, but actuall cast members) of: Primeval, Steven Spielberg’s Taken, Eureka, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica, Crash (the tv series), Kingdom Hospital, Sanctuary, Robson Arms, Corner Gas, Davinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, North of 60, and Men In Trees, among many many others.  To top all that, they’ve also landed Tim Curry and Cathy Bates!  Whew – that’s alot of talent.

According to the network:

“An incredible creative team has been assembled to re-interpret this familiar tale in an imaginative and innovative way,” said Mark Stern, EVP of Original Programming for Syfy. “This exciting new vision is one of the reasons we’ve been able to attract such high-level talent.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alice is set to premiere on SyFy in December of 2009.  We’ll keep updated as it approaches!

And so as not to confuse anyone, SyFy’s Alice is in no way related to the upcoming Tim Burton film starring In Treatment‘s Mia Wasikowska that we reported on some months back.

TV On DVD September

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Along with being the biggest month of the year for both series and season premiere’s for TV, September is also one of the biggest months for TV on DVD releases.  Don’t ask us why.  We think it’s kinda stupid to wait until September as, like we’ve already pointed out, the month is crammed with plenty of stuff to watch on TV AND it doesn’t give people much time to catch up before the next season begins, beyond the fact that it’s a wallet-buster.  It’s a massive month of overload, in our book.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be excited!  We’re especially looking forward to Fox’s mind-bending first season of Fringe, the fourth season of The CW’s cult-hit Supernatural (on blu-ray to boot!), Canadian sci-fi lite dramedy Being Erica‘s first season and, of course, the third season of NBC’s comedy giant 30 Rock.

In anticipation of the release of Fringe‘s first season on September 8th, they setup a cool website in which you can enter to win a visit to the show’s set in Vancouver, among other things.  Once you enter  you can watch a video about the difficulties of filming the episode The Ghost Network and then play a game which, if you answer correctly, gives you five extra entries into that set visit contest.  And here’s a little hint for our readers: you may wanna brush up on some episodes of ABC Family’s Greek for some help on the game.  Check out the site:

See September TV on DVD releases after the jump:

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ITV Kills Primeval

In Cancellations, ITV, Primeval, Programming on 06/15/2009 at 2:40 pm

ITV has killed-off sci-fi hit Primeval after three seasons for an undisclosed reason. The timing to me, seems rather odd.

Just a few weeks ago Warner Bros. purchased the screen rights to the series for a possible movie. There was also talk of international versions being created, especially a U.S. one.

The show seemed to be doing well with international syndication, appearing in 32 countries outside the UK, including airing on two networks, both Sci Fi and BBC America, here in the states. Both seasons 1 and 2 have been released on DVD worldwide with season 3 having just been released for Region 2 this month and region 1 coming in September.

On top of all this, there were also 13 published books (8 teen-oriented novels and 5 activity books) with two more on the way and a line of toys.

Worst of all: Season 3 ended on a cliff hanger!

Just seems like an odd time to end the show. A link to the whole store is below, though if you’re outside of the UK and season 3 has not ended for you, beware of spoilers:

Total Sci-fi Online

Finally, I’d like to make note that I am very proud of myself for not using cliche puns such as “ITV sends Primeval the way of the dinosaur” or “Primeval goes extinct.” Someone should give me a pat on the back for that.

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Warner Purchases Screen Rights To Primeval

In BBC America, British TV, ITV, Primeval on 05/15/2009 at 1:01 am

Primeval, which I previously posted about here, will be returning to BBC America this Saturday for it’s third season and today Variety announced that Warner Bros has picked up the movie rights to the ITV hit.

No word on anything yet, of course, as it’s waaaaay too early, except that one of the producers was a script writer of Angel and Demons who’s also producing a prequel, with Will Smith, of I Am Legend. At this point, other than the fact that the deal is worth a high six figures, who’s to say the movie will even be made. Picking up screen rights is not a guarantee but I would hope that the same actors and writers would be involved. The show is high-budgeted and great for TV, though not quite big screen quality, so lot’s of work would have to be done on it.

According to the Variety article, producers of the show are also shopping the idea of a duplicate series that takes place somewhere other than the UK, though seeing as the show already airs pretty much worldwide, I can’t quite see that working out too well. I know that’s what I also said years ago about The Office, but once the basic premise is out how much can you really change?

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BBC America Bring Primeval Back

In BBC America, British TV, Primeval on 04/26/2009 at 3:01 pm

Received an email the other day from BBC America touting the return of Primeval. The return places the show in it’s previous Saturday 9pm slot. I must say I was pretty happy to hear(read) the news.

Season 3 premieres May 16th.

If you haven’t watched the show yet I’d suggest you get caught up in time. The first two seasons were fantastic and I suspect the third could only be better.

The premise for the series is really quite fun: Mysterious time anomalies, basically time portals, begin appearing throughout Britain with disastrous results. Humans sometimes stumble into these portals and past creatures, dinosaurs and the like, and future species, also make their way out. A team of paleontologists and scientists, lead by paleontologist Dr. Nick Cutter, is tasked with trying to figure out if there is a pattern to them in order to predict when and where they will open up.

Each episode brings new suspense, never knowing what’s going to come out of the portal or how to get it back in. The paleontologists are often in awe, as well, while witnessing the sometimes friendly, though usually vicious creatures they’ve spent their lives studying in books, never believing they’d ever have a chance to witness a real life T-Rex or 10 ton sandworm.

There’s also small bits of crushes and heartbreaks and such, but never enough to drown out the main story line.

The cast is lead by Douglas Henshaw who portrays Dr. Nick Cutter, a paleontologist with a painful past who’s awestruck with the wonders of the anomalies while also very aware of the dangers. His team, a group of pretty young things, consists of Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor, a former student of Dr. Cutter known for being a bit quirky and not always on top of things, a cutesy zoo keeper, Abby, specializing in amphibians played by Hannah Spearitt and Stephen Hart, a former protege of Dr. Cutter. The two share a strained relationship due to his part in Cutter’s painful past. Hart sacrificed himself in the finale of season 2, though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

Ben Miller, who I’ve come to enjoy via Moving Wallpaper joined the cast in season two as the head of government operations, which is a treat. He doesn’t really care why or how the anomalies are happening, nor for what knowledge can be gained from them – he just wants to stop them. There’s also Lucy Brown who played two characters: Claudia Brown and Jenny Lewis (an ode to Rilo Kiley, perhaps?). The series began with Claudia Brown acting as the government liaison and crush interest for Dr. Cutter but disappeared due to a timeline change caused by an anomaly. She re-appeared as Jenny Lewis, a PR officer hired by the government to smooth over the press and keep the anomalies a secret. This was really confusing for Cutter as he was the only one to remember Claudia Brown.

There’s also various bad guys and conspirators but the main jerkface is Helen Cutter, steely played by Juliet Aubrey. She’s Cutter’s paleontologist ex-wife who disappeared years ago while working. Turns out she had discovered an anomaly and decided to pull a Doc Brown, living in the past. She’s jumps in and out of the anomalies, causing grief and trouble for pretty much everyone while also giving Cutter one hell of a rough time.

BBC America was added to my naughty list this year for not bringing back a number of shows I’ve enjoyed. It would be one thing if the shows were canceled but they’re still airing in Britain, BBC America has just stopped importing them…I think. Getting news out of BBC America is really hard. They keep things close to the vest and you just never know what’s coming back until a month or so before it reappears, so I was happy and a bit surprised to hear Primeval would return.

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