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Southland Season Premiere Preview

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DVR Life was rather wow-ed by frosh cop-drama Southland late last season.  We were even more wow-ed when NBC renewed the series for a second season.  If you happened to have missed the first season, it’s rather short so I’d suggest you get caught up in the coming weeks.  I mean, when was the last time a police-based drama really wow-ed you?  Outside of The Closer I can’t think of many recent ones.

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The second season of Southland premieres Friday October 23rd at 8pm on NBC.


NBC Renews Southland

In NBC, Programming, Southland on 05/02/2009 at 3:53 am

It’s official! As of Friday evening NBC has picked up Southland for the 2009 fall season. They placed a 13 episode order for season two of the new drama. Ratings for the show dipped slightly this week, though are still consider relatively strong for a late mid season new comer. I suppose the lowered yet still decent numbers for Thursday night’s episode solidified a spot for it next year.

No news on what time slot it will receive yet, but I’ll put forth my idea from the other day again and say Wednesdays at 9pm. After the 13 episodes run up I’m guessing the original Law & Order will take it’s place for the winter/spring 2010 season.

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Southland’s Ridiculously Large Ensemble Cast

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You know a show’s ensemble cast is a bit too large when you don’t see half the cast in any given episode. This weeks episode of Southland was one of those times.

The story this week centered around the detective side of the force and the patrol cops were nowhere to be seen. That’s a shame, really, as I’ve come to enjoy both groups.

I’m a particular fan of the two main beat cops, Officers John Cooper and Ben Sherman. Benjamin McKenzie, portraying Office Ben Sherman, says more with his facial expressions and sad eyes in an hour than most actors could get across in a novel length script. Michael Cudlitz, as John Cooper, plays a tough talking cops’ cop with a down low personal life.

The two could have easily been worked into this week’s storyline, even just that short bit about the German tourist shooting. It’s seems as if the producers purposely left the beat cops out for whatever reason. I suppose it’s more true to life and LAPD detectives probably do not run into the same street cops every day, but that’s just what we’re used to in television. When even one character is missing from an ensemble cast the writers usually drop in a quick, if sometimes random, explanation – “So and so is in San Francisco this week.”, etc. No such explanation turned up in the episode.

I wonder if this split cast is something that will appear from time to time. I’m hoping not. While I’m a pretty forgiving guy, many people tend to tune into shows with ensemble casts for specific characters and I can see this sort of thing alienating certain viewers.

It was a pretty good episode, though.

Update: TV Squad agrees.

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Tonight (Tuesday)
Fringe. Finally got caught up from that American Moron debacle and must say the show has come back from hiatus with a vengeance.

The Unusuals. As posted earlier, ABC is running two new episodes of The Unusuals this week, hoping to see if a new time slot and lead-in will bump ratings up. That means there’s some high hopes for this show in the upper echelons of the network.

Rescue Me. The season is off to a funny start, as per usual. With all the build up towards the section 8 hearing, the outcome was a bit flat but…probably more true to life than if anything crazy would have happened.

Lie To Me. Each week brings up another intriguing story. I wonder how long they can keep it up, though. Seems like the stories could get stale after a bit but Tim Roth‘s facial expressions and dead pan, though sometimes squeaky, acting will probably make up for that.

Better Off Ted. I’m not a fan of multicamera sitcoms but I have to admit to much chuckling during this show. Perhaps it’s making fun of corporations that I love so much, but the off and on again romantic story line between Ted and Linda is rather cute and the bickering between Lem and Phil is quite comical. Veronica, though, is just creepy. Those Veridian Dynamics mock commercials are hilarious. ABC should have broadcast those as a mystery campaign before the show aired.

Lost. Very excited to see what Faraday has to say about what’s going on. And where the hell is Sayid?

The Unusuals. It’s a double shot this week.

My Name Is Earl. So sad the ratings for this show have been in declined because it probably creates the most laugh out loud moments of any show on my DVR.

Smallville. Who would have thought this show could last so many years and not get tiresome? Chloe is now in charge of keeping Davis from becoming Dr. Doom. That’s a pretty big job. When she closed the basement door at the end of the last episode…Well let;s just say it was creepy.

Supernatural. This season has been ruling. The addition of the angels has made for some great moments (and great visuals). While I route for Sam and Dean to defeat evil, I take great pleasure in watch Dean wield his power…even if it is evil.

Parks and Recreation. The show has been getting a lot of hype and decent ratings…But I’m not really feeling it. Maybe because it’s just storylines from The Office being reused.

Grey’s Anatomy. When we last left them, Izzie had surgery, Meredeth and Derek were engaged, George was pouting, Alex was hiding his feelings (surprise!) and Owen and Cristina broke up. I’m hoping we start seeing more George lately. I miss him.

The Office. The new story line with the Michael Scott Paper Company has been pretty fantastic. Good job to the writers for freshening things up a bit. This is probably the best season since the second.

30 Rock. They’ve thankfully gotten out of the guest star slump the season started off with and the wit and charm has returned. When watching this show always listen carefully to catch all the great one-liners.

Southland. Episode three airs this week so the blog reviews should start flooding in. I’ll just go ahead and say ‘stunning’. Great new show that I look forward to weekly. Benjamin McKenzie portrayal of rookie officer Ben Sherman has been flawless and, much like Tim Roth but in a very different manner, he makes his facial expressions do most of the work. At times I have trouble watching an actor from a beloved show (The O.C.) take on a new part with out my mind unconciously melding the two characters together, but McKenzie, through sheer talent alone, managed to break that habit this time. I thought last week’s episode was lacking in screen time for him, though.

Flashpoint. Those Canadians know how to pack an emotional wallop, don’t they. An upper-middle female aged coworker of mine had this to say about the series: “I love how these big burly men do manly things but are also so sensitive…but manly.”

Dollhouse. The new blogger darling. Too bad 90% of the shows audience is watching it via illegal torrent downloads. Some may say that’s what the network gets for scheduling the show on Friday nights but atleast you can get it at Hulu, people.

Numb3rs. For someone that failed pretty much every math related course offered at my high school, I still find this show pretty intriguing. Without continuing storylines, though, there’s not much to write about.

Kings. Perhaps the move to Saturdays was warrented…I can see where the storylines are getting a bit tedious.

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ABC Moves Cupid, The Unusuals/Southland Does Well For NBC

In ABC, Being Erica, Cupid, NBC, Southland, The Unusuals on 04/18/2009 at 12:52 am

ABC has high hopes for their new quirky cop show The Unusuals so they’re playing around with it a bit. This week the one hour show will air two new episodes, bumping Cupid on Tuesday night and then also sticking with it’s usual Wednesday night airing. Not a good sign for Cupid fans, but great for The Unusuals.

The move is to see if a Dancing With The Stars lead-in will help the new show as it’s current lead, Lost, isn’t doing much for it. In the long term I’m not sure where that leaves Cupid, but in the short, it’ll be back next week.

In other news, NBC‘s new cop drama, Southland, managed to keep it’s ratings the second week just as high at it did for the premiere. That’s a feat, considering NBC has been offering the show on demand and it’s Thursday 10pm slot was previously filled by ER. ER may have gotten a ton of hype this last season with old characters returning and it being the final season and all, but if I recall correctly, this time last year when they announced the show would finally end most people replied “That’s still on?”.

I’m happy to hear Southland is doing well, too. If the rest of the season is as good as the first two episodes, I think NBC may have a long runner here.

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