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Southland Season Premiere Preview

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DVR Life was rather wow-ed by frosh cop-drama Southland late last season.  We were even more wow-ed when NBC renewed the series for a second season.  If you happened to have missed the first season, it’s rather short so I’d suggest you get caught up in the coming weeks.  I mean, when was the last time a police-based drama really wow-ed you?  Outside of The Closer I can’t think of many recent ones.

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The second season of Southland premieres Friday October 23rd at 8pm on NBC.


From Small Screen To Big

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Our posts about movies are few and far between.  We pretty much only write about big screen productions that include actors better known for, or who got their start on, television.  If we did this for each and every cross over, well that’d be a whole new blog, but we thought we’d give you a nice little double shot here, one from each end of the spectrum.

First up is Post Grad, a cute little film starring Alexis Bledel, who got her start as the ultra-cute Rory on Gilmore Girls and Zach Gilford, better known as Matt Saracen of Friday Night Lights.

Post Grad

And the second clip is for a horror flick called Legion.  The film stars a slew of TV actors, including, oddly enough, a bunch of soap opera stars.  We don’t cover soap operas, so we’ll stick with the primetime players, though.  As with the last movie, this one stars another Friday Night Lights alum, Adrianne Palicki, who you might also recognize from CW’s Supernatural.  Joining her are Kate Walsh of Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin Durand of Lost, Touching Evil and Dark Angel, and finally, Jon Tenney of The Closer and The Division.

Warning: This trailer is not safe for work! Lot’s of cussing and violence. This is an R Rated trailer.


Sneek Peak At Tonight’s The Closer

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A peak at tonight’s new episode of The Closer entitled Walking Back The Cat.

Due the HTML on TNT’s webpage not working correctly, go ahead and click here for the video.

Can’t you just feel the love between cooperating government agencies?

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Preview: TNT’s Wedding Day

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Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to a reality show. All that huffing and puffing I’ve done in the past about reality television hasn’t gone away but from what I’m hearing, I may actually like this one.

The show in question is TNT’s first ever foray into non-scripted television, Wedding Day. Produced by reality king Mark Burnett and Dreamworks, along with a producer of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Wedding Day seems like it just may be the rare reality show that makes it onto the DVR’s of even the staunchest reality haters.

The clip below doesn’t show too much of the show’s style, but gives you a good idea of what kind of story the show will be telling on a weekly basis: Holiie and Steve, of Saginaw, MI., were set to tie the knot when Hollie was thrown into a six day coma and forced into a wheel chair for six months from a last minute auto accident. Steve rose to the occasion, caring for, helping and cheering Hollie on throughout her recovery.

The story is laid out by the bride and groom, as well as their family and friends. I’m predicting a real tear jerker here, so stock up a weekly supply of tissues.

What the clip does not feature are the two hosts, celeb wedding and event planners Diann Valentine and Alan Dunn, and how they go about serving up the perfect wedding day for the couple. I can only assume, though, that the over the top screaming, bullhorns and hoopla of Extreme Makeover will be tossed aside for a more graceful approach. Aleast that’s what I’m hoping.

A fellow TV blogger who’s seen the pilot twittered this: Mark Burnett Throws a Good ‘Wedding’ (shows me I can like reality TV … sometimes):

So I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for this show. It kicks off tomorrow on what could arguably be called TNT’s biggest night of the summer season with the premiere of Jada Pinkett Smith’s new medical drama HawthoRNe and the return of Holly Hunter in season 3 of Saving Grace. Pinkett Smith and Hunter back to back is an impressive feat for TNT – along with the Monday night pairing of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer and Raising The Bar‘s Jane Kaczmarek the network really seems to be making a name for itself with very strong female characters.

Wedding Day, HawthoRNe and Saving Grace all premiere tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th on TNT. My DVR’s ready, is yours?

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It’s Been A Great Couple Weeks

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The last two weeks or so have been pretty fantastic for TV junkies. My teen years throughout the 90’s were heavily laden with rerun-filled bore fests. Stuck in summer school all day and TV programming I’d already seen at night – it was pretty hellish. Thanks to cable programming, summers are actually pretty amazing these days.

The season was kicked off by USA with the Burn Notice come back and birth of Royal Pains. Burn Notice started the season off with a lot of bangs, as usual. Now that Michael has shook off those that burned him, he’s facing increasing pressure from the cops.

The addition of a tough female cop following him around should make for some great story lines. Busting into his storage space with a water saw was genius, though I wonder if something like that would have been so quiet. I also like Fiona’s new-found aggression towards she and Michael’s relationship.

Royal Pains burst from the gates with a hilarious pilot. I found a few laugh out loud moments and came to understand and, more importantly, enjoy, the characters. Episode 2 seemed to slow down a bit but still managed to keep most of it’s charm. I’m intrigued by the relationships between the doc and his young friend as well as the doc and his brother.

I thought it was a bit odd that the brother made for a stronger character since he’s only a supporting character. Usually USA keeps the quirkier ones up front. I’m kinda glad they shifted gears a bit. Some say the brotherly relationship seems a bit contrived but I disagree. The writers seem to know just what the right amount of quirk, jealousy and brotherly love seems to be.

Though they’re more late Spring/early Summer series, In Plain Sight and Law & Order: Criminal Intent have been heating up the screens, too.

Many shows sometimes get bogged down in their sophomore years with excessive and pointless guest stars (I love you like my own child, but I’m thinking of you here 30 Rock) but IPL has managed to welcome the stars without that baggage. This week’s episode feature Laura Prepon as Mary’s sister (though Mary doesn’t know, shhh…). Her appearance really made me miss ABC’s October Road and the sight of Prepon and Mary McCormack together on screen was one of the highlights of the season thus far.

I thought seeing McCormack paired up with former West Wing alum Joshua Malina would be the highlight of the season and then they had to one up that with Richard Schiff’s guest role. At first I chalked this up to the fact that the three had previously all worked together on WW but seeing McCormack with Prepon this evening really clued me in: she’s just an amazing actress that really seems to shine when’s there’s a guest star around. But wait…she’s actually pretty rad when there’s no guest around, too. So final analysis: Mary McCormack kinda rules.

As for L&O:CI, I’m really enjoying the addition of Jeff Goldblum. I thought he made a fantastic cop on NBC’s short lived series Raines, which I enjoyed, and am glad to see him doing his thing for Mr. Wolf. I do miss Chris Noth, but am looking forward to seeing him on CBS’ The Good Wife this fall. Mike Logan was a great character but I’m sure Noth was probably getting a little tired of him after nearly 20 years, even if there were some pretty big vacations from him (holla at ya Mr. Big!)

Last Monday saw the return of The Closer with another great episode. I really resisted this show for the first two seasons but have become extremely compelled since then. I thought perhaps the story line of the killer going to the wrong address was slightly contrived…Was it a Law & Order storyline a few years ago?

Getting the confession in the prison visiting room was enough of a twist to make up for that shortfall, though. As always, the amazing cast also managed to make up for that little writing problem, as well.

I had watched the Nurse Jackie pilot a week or so ahead of time, so I almost forgot it premiered last week. I was hypnotized by the brilliance of Edie Falco. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get past seeing her as Carmela Soprano, but that fear melted away quickly.

I’m rather conflicted on Jackie. She is precariously balanced on the line between good and bad and I’m still not sure how I feel about her. At times I wanna cheer her on, others I cringe. I enjoy her jaded outlook and her humor is A+. The dinner scene with her friend, coolly discussing which should save the choking diner at the next table was horrifying and laugh inducing at the same time.

This evenings premiere of True Blood season 2 was…Amazing. There’s really not much more I could say. True Blood is a fascination of mine, landing squarely in my top ten shows currently airing.

I watched all of season one to prepare for this evenings return and was really keeping my fingers crossed that it wasn’t Lafayette in the back of the detective’s car. Glad my hopes weren’t dashed. I was shocked at first to learn it was Eric keeping him captive, but soon realized that it’s Eric. We really shouldn’t have been surprised at all, should we? Will Lafayette rat out Jason for the vampire’s kidnapping and subsequent death last season?

And speaking of Jason: Somehow my first go-round I missed how amazing Ryan Kwanten was. Also re-watching season one I caught many little things I had missed previously, like Sam barking in his sleep.

My only complaint with the season premiere was the on again/off again nature of Sookie and Bill’s relationship rearing it’s head again. That’s is getting slightly old. Some TV bloggers out there have also commented on Jason joining a vampire hating church, which they assume will lead to his character becoming an antagonist for Sookie, to be a bit simplistic. I say we let Alan Ball do his thing and see where it all leads. The fact that Jason lied to Sookie about what kind of church camp he was attending lends some hope.

The Listener also appeared this week, though I had watched it a few months ago after it aired in Canada, so I don’t have much to say other than it makes for some good time filler. My DVR is a bit backed up due to watching season 3 of Ghost Whisperer, so I still haven’t caught up on the returns of Army Wives or Weeds – I’m saving them for Tuesday.

Coming up this week, look forward to the Tuesday premiere of Hawthorne (which is showing up on my DVR as HawthoRNe…kinda lame)…Here’s hoping it doesn’t go the way of TNT’s last med drama – Heartland. I’m also planning to check out TNT’s first reality show, Wedding Day. I’m no fan of reality TV but I’m hearing from other reality haters that it’s not that bad, so here’s hoping.

There’s also the premiere of Merlin on NBC next Sunday. The show is a brit-original and season 2 of the series will be premiering in the UK the same day season 1 hits the states…That gives some hope that it’ll be pretty good.

Finally, Saving Grace returns Tuesday and that’s pretty damn exciting. This show seems to get better and better as the seasons go by.

I actually feel these last couple of weeks have been nearly as exciting as Fall premiere time. In a year or two Summer just may be the new Fall.

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