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Crash Returns Tonight!

In 2009 Fall Season, Crash, Starz, The Mod Squad, Twin Peaks on 09/18/2009 at 1:59 pm


“Nothing is random.  There are no accidents”.  And a second season of Crash begins on Starz.  The season begins with the return of eccentric former music mogul Ben Cendars (Dennis Hopper) from a full year in rehab.  He seems to be the best of the bunch as much of last season’s cast do not seem to be faring too well: former cop Kenny Battaglia (Ross McCall) is now a strip mall security guard facing a bitter divorce, Inez, the gypsy jezebel, has taken a step ahead…from lap dancing to host of an exclusive gentleman’s club.

Eric Roberts

While the old guard is still surviving throughout L.A., a new host of characters have arrived, as well, mainly encircling Seth Blanchard (Eric Roberts), one of the richest men in the country, who has a life changing experience that, this being Crash, will connect in seen and unseen ways to the rest of the cast.  One character seemingly unconnected to Seth, though, is Suzy Fields, Ben Cendars flower-child former wife, played by Peggy Lipton of The Mod Squad and Twin Peaks fame.  She’s signed on to play the part for a multi-episode arc and we can only imagine the relationship between Ben and an ex-wife…who’s now married to his former close friend, 60’s hero-author Owen Fields (Keith Carradine).

The series, based on Paul Haggis’ much ballyhooed 2004 film, is the first in a line of scripted series rolled out by Starz in the last year.  I have to admit that the series, with its flashy L.A. palm-tree lined lifestyles juxtaposed with noir-grit and broken/breaking lives, is a rather ambitious project for a first time outing, but they’ve handled it well.

Dennis Hopper

The second season of Crash begins tonight, Friday September 18th at 10pm on Starz.