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4 Minute Look At Trauma

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We’ve got a great little clip of the Trauma pilot here!  Now, we normally do not watch the extended clips of premiere episodes the networks have been releasing this season.  It’s just too much for us – we prefer to wait until the show is airing and we can watch the entire thing.  Not so with Trauma, though, because the series is competing with a handful of other shows on our DVR for a recording slot, so we thought it would be prudent to watch a couple minutes and see if it’s worth the slot.

After watching this four minute clip, we figure we’ll give it a shot for a few weeks.  At first it starts off like most medical dramas: lot’s of yelling “clear!” and even more pushing of “epi”.  That’s only at first though…From there it’s spins on out into ER territory with a crash-boom-bang, lots of quick camera shots and lots of screaming.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trauma premiers next Monday, September 28th st 9pm on NBC.

Considering that Trauma runs at the same time as Gossip Girl and Lie To Me, do you think it deserves one of the two slots on our DVR?


NBC Gets Medical

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E.R. was a very successful series for NBC.  At fifteen seasons, the series was the longest-running medical drama to in air primetime, receiving a record 123 Emmy nominations, 22 of which they won.  And that all came to end last season.  NBC must have looked at the situation, said “where do we go from here?”, panicked a little, and then green lit not one, but two new medical dramas.

Here’s some behind the scenes peeks at each.  We must admit that Mercy has a pretty exciting cast.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mercy debuts Wednesday September 23rd at 8pm on NBC.

Trauma debuts Monday September 28th at 9pm on NBC.