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New White Collar Promo

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, USA, White Collar on 09/29/2009 at 3:14 pm

White Collar Gets Cute

Hey! Being twitter buddies with White Collar tends to pay off:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.


Martin Short & Campbell Scott Join Damages

In 2009 Winter Season, 2010 Winter Schedule, Damages, FX, Royal Pains, USA on 09/23/2009 at 1:44 pm

Martin Short

Variety reported yesterday that Damages has picked up two new cast members for it’s upcoming third season: Martin Short and Campbell Scott.  Our initial thought was that Campbell Scott would make a great addition to the cast.  He ruled it this past summer as a mysterious Russian billionaire on USA’s freshman hit Royal Pains, and we could see him sinking into a dark, confusing character on the FX series.

Martin Short, though…we didn’t see that coming.  He hasn’t played many dramatic parts and our twitter followers were all in agreement with our first thought: his casting is either a mistake or is going to be completely brilliant.  We also had the same misgivings about Darrell Hammond as the Deacon…You know, until he turned out to be one of the creepiest, awesomest character in a cast full of creepy, awesome characters.

Considering Glenn Close just won her second Emmy for the series this past weekend, we should probably just trust the Damages crew to know what they’re doing by now – they’ve earned it.

Campbell Scott

Damages is set to return to FX for it’s third season in January 2010.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Renewal & Casting

In 2010 Spring Schedule, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, USA on 09/17/2009 at 2:20 pm

Law & Order: CI

There’s been a few bits of news floating around the last couple of days about Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  First off, the series has been renewed by it’s adoptive home, USA, for a ninth season.  The official L&O: CI twitter acct posted this:

No surprise there as USA, like many cable networks, like to stretch their original series out.  Most premiere half the season in late spring or summer, then again in January or so.  It tends to be a bummer when the short season ends, but it’s nice knowing that, instead of having to wait a full year, like some shows, there’s more coming in just a few months.

Other than the renewal, the other news floating aroung, which has yet to be confirmed, is about casting.  Unconfirmed reports from Ausiello are that Julianne Nicholson, who ended last season with a birth, will not be returning post-partum.  Instead, the rumor mill has pegged My Own Worst Enemy‘s Saffron Burrows as a possible partner for Jeff Goldblum.

We admit to being a bit sad by this news.  Nicholson was a great addition to the cast, especially when paired up with Goldblum.  Ausiello also reports that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe are in talks to return for the next season.  Regarding all these rumors, the L&O: CI twitter account only had one thing to say:

Law & Order: Criminal Intent is tentatively set to return in March 2010 on USA.

White Collar Promo Pics

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, USA, White Collar on 09/11/2009 at 2:05 pm

Matt Bomer

White Collar posted a slew of brand new promotional photos to the official twitter feed early this afternoon.  Good looking cast, eh?  No shots of new arrival Natalie Morales, but we’re sure they’ll materialize sooner or later.  And in case you missed them the first time around, check out the slick promotional poster and new promo trailer they put together for the series.

White Collar Gets Cute

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New White Collar Poster

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, USA, White Collar on 09/09/2009 at 5:20 pm

White Collar

Coming via the show’s official twitter feed, we have the final poster for USA’s upcoming White Collar.  There’s been a bunch of WC posts lately, what with Natalie Morales joining the cast full time and a new promotional trailer.  This poster is pretty tight, too!

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.

New White Collar Promo!

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, The Middleman, USA, White Collar on 09/09/2009 at 1:45 pm

White Collar

To tack onto earlier news about The Middleman‘s Natalie Morales being up’ed to a full time cast member, USA has just released a new promotional trailer for White Collar.  We are seriously looking forward to this new show!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can also catch our previous White Collar preview here.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.

From The Middleman To White Collar

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, The Middleman, USA, White Collar on 09/09/2009 at 12:45 pm

Natalie Morales

Sorry sci-fi geeks, but you lost a hot one!  Many of you fell for Natalie Morales in ABC Family’s kid sister-friendly sci-fi series The Middleman.  Her character was smart, witty and cute as all get out…Here’s hoping the wit and smarts (no question about the beauty, obviously) carries over to USA’s upcoming White Collar.  TV Squad reports she’s been uped to a series regular.  As if a new series featuring Matt Bomer as a slickster con-man and Tim DeKay as an F.B.I. agent plus Willie Garson and Tiffany Thiessen as co-stars wasn’t already awesome enough, right?

Here’s a preview:

You can also catch our previous White Collar preview here.

White Collar premieres Friday October 23rd at 10pm on USA.

The Royal Pains Wrap Rap

In 2010 Summer Schedule, Royal Pains, Summer Schedule, USA on 08/21/2009 at 2:13 pm

Royal Pains

In celebration of the upcoming Royal Pains season finale they’ve released what is most likely a first for a USA original series: a rap video.  The song, performed by Two Live Jew & The RP Crew, does not make much sense and they’re not about to win any grammy’s, but the whole thing falls squarely in the “this is so terrible it’s awesome” realm.  USA has even treated us to the lyrics (check them out after the jump.

The season finale of Royal Pains airs Thursday August 27th at 10pm on USA.  The series will return for a second season next summer.

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Pick Your Favorite Summer Show!

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It’s a been pretty dynamic summer when it comes to television. Both premium and basic cable networks have packed nearly every night of the week with some great, quality programming.

At DVR Life headquarters, it’s be a season rather thick with sci-fi.  The brits have been rocking the genre this year.  We managed to cram the first two seasons of BBC’s Torchwood in just in time to catch Torchwood: Children of Earth, we’re also digging BBC’s latest sci-fi series, Being Human, and caught up with Doctor Who in time for the new movie BBC America treated us to in July and mourned the cliff hanger ending to final season of ITV’s Primeval.  Syfy’s newest scripted offering Warehouse 13, is a quirky fun time and the return of their much beloved Eureka have given us our dose of stateside sci-fi while Defying Gravity is a sci-fi lite multi-national effort between ABC, the brits and Canada’s CTV.

For our teen drama fix, we’ve been turning to ABC Family’s (I know, right? Who would have thought) shows Make It Or Break It, while their new comedy 10 Things I Hate About You has given us a few good laughs.  Looking for action, adventure and smart talk?  USA’s been ruling the ratings with In Plain Sight, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Burn Notice.  Newbie Royal Pains has been tearing it up on the Nielsen charts, too.

We’ll stop here.  We could keep going on and on – there’s plenty to say about HBO’s new Sunday lineup, as well TNT’s wins and misses.  There’s just way too much great summer fare this year.

Update 08/13/2009 1:11am:

Nurse Jackie, 10 Things I Hate About You & Leverage have each recieved one vote under the ‘other’ category.

P.S.  When voting for ‘other’, please make sure you enter a show title!

Monk & Psych Return!

In 30 Rock, Monk, Psych, Summer Schedule, The Office, USA on 08/07/2009 at 1:47 pm


Oh man, oh man, oh man, are we excited!  Our  most favorite weirdo TV detectives are back!  Monk returns at 9pm for it’s eighth and final season – a sad thing, I must say.  The oddball crime-fighting then continues at 10pm with a whole new season of Psych.

Monk is kicking off 16 brand new episodes, all culminating in it’s series finale which, we’re hoping, will finally answer the question of who killed Trudy Monk. Let’s just hope it wasn’t Dale the Whale because we’ve always that this ridiculous, offensive character was the lowest, bottom of the barrel aspect of a great show. Please don’t be Dale the Whale.

As an added bonus for the final season, Adrian’s original personal assistant, Sharona Flemming, who returned home to New Jersey after season 3, will be returning. We loved Sharona and were sad to her go, but Natalie also turned out to be a ruler, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the two together.

And to top it all off, a nice little treat featuring Psych, 30 Rock and The Office bobble heads:

Monk & Psych return tonight, Friday August 7th at 9pm on USA.

USA’s White Collar Gets Premiere Date

In 2009 Fall Season, 2009 Pilots, Monk, Programming, Psych, USA, White Collar on 08/05/2009 at 7:49 pm


USA announced at it’s Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena, Ca. this afternoon that their new series, White Collar, will be premiering Friday October 23rd at 10pm.  The series will start up a week after Psych ends it’s run and will hopefully gain a good initial following via it’s Monk lead in.  The final season of Monk (beginning this Friday, by the way – more later), will act a great lead-in for the new show for it’s first six weeks.

DVR Life previously posted a video clip and some thoughts on White Collar here.  One thing we’d like to add, is some praise for the producers and network for making the decision to film the new series entirely in New York City.  We’re big fans of shows shooting on location and applaud them for going with authenticity as opposed to easiest and cheapest.

USA Renews Royal Pains & Burn Notice

In Burn Notice, Royal Pains, USA on 07/29/2009 at 4:31 pm

USA has renewed both Burn Notice and Royal Pains. With both shows racking up killer ratings, there really is no surprise here. Burn Notice has two more episodes this summer with the second half of season 3 coming this winter. No date set yet for those episodes. Royal Pains has five more episodes left this summer and then both shows will return in summer 2010; Burn Notice for season 4 and Royal Pains for it’s sophomore season. The network ordered 16 episodes of each show.

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Preview: USA’s White Collar

In USA, White Collar on 07/15/2009 at 4:29 pm

Here’s a preview clip of USA’s new fall series, White Collar. We here at DVR Life are pretty excited by the clip and rather gaga over the cast, too. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing Tim DeKay as FBI Agent Peter Stokes and Matt Bomer as slick con-man Neal Caffrey.

Both actors are favorites of ours and the addition of Tiffany Thiessen is quite spectacular, as well. While she may have dropped the “Amber” from her name, she will always be remembered as a highlight of our tween years. We are no where near ashamed to admit that, while Zack and Screech both ruled (in their own way, of course), Ms. Kelly Kapowski was by the far the main attraction when watching Saved By The Bell.

P.S. We totally stole that screen grab from here via a Google Image search.

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New Poster For Monk’s Final Season

In Monk, USA on 06/29/2009 at 2:59 pm

New poster for the final season of USA’s Monk. The show returns Friday August 7th for it’s eighth run. The show premiered back in the summer of 2002 and has remained one of the most successful original series on cable television with good ratings and plenty of award nominations and wins.

These days original series on cable networks are doing just as well as, if not better, than much of what the broadcast networks are offering and Monk was pretty much at the forefront of that movement. Monk was also the birthing place for the whole Characters Welcome campaign that pretty much defines USA network and all of it’s original programming. We here at DVR Life are also really going to miss the Monk holiday special this year.

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It’s Been A Great Couple Weeks

In Burn Notice, Hawthorne, HBO, Nurse Jackie, Royal Pains, The Closer, TNT, True Blood, USA, Wedding Day on 06/15/2009 at 2:21 am

The last two weeks or so have been pretty fantastic for TV junkies. My teen years throughout the 90’s were heavily laden with rerun-filled bore fests. Stuck in summer school all day and TV programming I’d already seen at night – it was pretty hellish. Thanks to cable programming, summers are actually pretty amazing these days.

The season was kicked off by USA with the Burn Notice come back and birth of Royal Pains. Burn Notice started the season off with a lot of bangs, as usual. Now that Michael has shook off those that burned him, he’s facing increasing pressure from the cops.

The addition of a tough female cop following him around should make for some great story lines. Busting into his storage space with a water saw was genius, though I wonder if something like that would have been so quiet. I also like Fiona’s new-found aggression towards she and Michael’s relationship.

Royal Pains burst from the gates with a hilarious pilot. I found a few laugh out loud moments and came to understand and, more importantly, enjoy, the characters. Episode 2 seemed to slow down a bit but still managed to keep most of it’s charm. I’m intrigued by the relationships between the doc and his young friend as well as the doc and his brother.

I thought it was a bit odd that the brother made for a stronger character since he’s only a supporting character. Usually USA keeps the quirkier ones up front. I’m kinda glad they shifted gears a bit. Some say the brotherly relationship seems a bit contrived but I disagree. The writers seem to know just what the right amount of quirk, jealousy and brotherly love seems to be.

Though they’re more late Spring/early Summer series, In Plain Sight and Law & Order: Criminal Intent have been heating up the screens, too.

Many shows sometimes get bogged down in their sophomore years with excessive and pointless guest stars (I love you like my own child, but I’m thinking of you here 30 Rock) but IPL has managed to welcome the stars without that baggage. This week’s episode feature Laura Prepon as Mary’s sister (though Mary doesn’t know, shhh…). Her appearance really made me miss ABC’s October Road and the sight of Prepon and Mary McCormack together on screen was one of the highlights of the season thus far.

I thought seeing McCormack paired up with former West Wing alum Joshua Malina would be the highlight of the season and then they had to one up that with Richard Schiff’s guest role. At first I chalked this up to the fact that the three had previously all worked together on WW but seeing McCormack with Prepon this evening really clued me in: she’s just an amazing actress that really seems to shine when’s there’s a guest star around. But wait…she’s actually pretty rad when there’s no guest around, too. So final analysis: Mary McCormack kinda rules.

As for L&O:CI, I’m really enjoying the addition of Jeff Goldblum. I thought he made a fantastic cop on NBC’s short lived series Raines, which I enjoyed, and am glad to see him doing his thing for Mr. Wolf. I do miss Chris Noth, but am looking forward to seeing him on CBS’ The Good Wife this fall. Mike Logan was a great character but I’m sure Noth was probably getting a little tired of him after nearly 20 years, even if there were some pretty big vacations from him (holla at ya Mr. Big!)

Last Monday saw the return of The Closer with another great episode. I really resisted this show for the first two seasons but have become extremely compelled since then. I thought perhaps the story line of the killer going to the wrong address was slightly contrived…Was it a Law & Order storyline a few years ago?

Getting the confession in the prison visiting room was enough of a twist to make up for that shortfall, though. As always, the amazing cast also managed to make up for that little writing problem, as well.

I had watched the Nurse Jackie pilot a week or so ahead of time, so I almost forgot it premiered last week. I was hypnotized by the brilliance of Edie Falco. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get past seeing her as Carmela Soprano, but that fear melted away quickly.

I’m rather conflicted on Jackie. She is precariously balanced on the line between good and bad and I’m still not sure how I feel about her. At times I wanna cheer her on, others I cringe. I enjoy her jaded outlook and her humor is A+. The dinner scene with her friend, coolly discussing which should save the choking diner at the next table was horrifying and laugh inducing at the same time.

This evenings premiere of True Blood season 2 was…Amazing. There’s really not much more I could say. True Blood is a fascination of mine, landing squarely in my top ten shows currently airing.

I watched all of season one to prepare for this evenings return and was really keeping my fingers crossed that it wasn’t Lafayette in the back of the detective’s car. Glad my hopes weren’t dashed. I was shocked at first to learn it was Eric keeping him captive, but soon realized that it’s Eric. We really shouldn’t have been surprised at all, should we? Will Lafayette rat out Jason for the vampire’s kidnapping and subsequent death last season?

And speaking of Jason: Somehow my first go-round I missed how amazing Ryan Kwanten was. Also re-watching season one I caught many little things I had missed previously, like Sam barking in his sleep.

My only complaint with the season premiere was the on again/off again nature of Sookie and Bill’s relationship rearing it’s head again. That’s is getting slightly old. Some TV bloggers out there have also commented on Jason joining a vampire hating church, which they assume will lead to his character becoming an antagonist for Sookie, to be a bit simplistic. I say we let Alan Ball do his thing and see where it all leads. The fact that Jason lied to Sookie about what kind of church camp he was attending lends some hope.

The Listener also appeared this week, though I had watched it a few months ago after it aired in Canada, so I don’t have much to say other than it makes for some good time filler. My DVR is a bit backed up due to watching season 3 of Ghost Whisperer, so I still haven’t caught up on the returns of Army Wives or Weeds – I’m saving them for Tuesday.

Coming up this week, look forward to the Tuesday premiere of Hawthorne (which is showing up on my DVR as HawthoRNe…kinda lame)…Here’s hoping it doesn’t go the way of TNT’s last med drama – Heartland. I’m also planning to check out TNT’s first reality show, Wedding Day. I’m no fan of reality TV but I’m hearing from other reality haters that it’s not that bad, so here’s hoping.

There’s also the premiere of Merlin on NBC next Sunday. The show is a brit-original and season 2 of the series will be premiering in the UK the same day season 1 hits the states…That gives some hope that it’ll be pretty good.

Finally, Saving Grace returns Tuesday and that’s pretty damn exciting. This show seems to get better and better as the seasons go by.

I actually feel these last couple of weeks have been nearly as exciting as Fall premiere time. In a year or two Summer just may be the new Fall.

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Monk Returns August 7th

In Burn Notice, McGuyver, Programming, Psych, Royal Pains, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, USA on 06/11/2009 at 3:14 am

According to E! online’s summer schedule, the final season of Monk is slated to premiere August 7th. I have no idea where they got this update as they seem to be to the only ones that have posted it.

USA started airing teaser ads stating that this was to be the final season a month or more ago but they all simply stated “This Summer”. Well, glad to hear there’s a date. I’m pretty bummed, though, at the thought of no Monk holiday special this year.

And while we’re on the topic of USA…

Psych is also set to premiere that evening.

The new season of Burn Notice started off with a bang last Thursday. I’ve been a big fan of the show since day one and I’m glad to see the quality has stuck around for season 3. Ratings were rather fantastic for USA execs, as well, with a reported 6 million viewers. Nice.

Of those 6 million, over 5 million of them stuck around to catch the series premiere of Royal Pains. I think the show deserved the good reviews and ratings it received. I thought also paired up with Burn Notice well. Get your flash bang explosions and guns excitement followed by medical MacGuyver-ism and rich folks.

My favorite part of the show was when the girlfriend of collapsed rich kid actually asked the doc if he was MacGuyver after telling her what he would need to save the kids life. I like when shows reference classic TV shows and really dislike when television seem to take place in a world devoid of television. One of the reasons I loved Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip was hearing about the history of TV writers and the TV comedy business.

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Wash Post Takes On NBC

In NBC, Programming, USA, Washington Post on 06/10/2009 at 1:53 pm

The title makes it sound more dramatic, but there’s a good piece in today’s Washington Post TV Column about NBC and it’s sister cable network USA.

I was actually thinking yesterday that if NBC Universal heads were smart they’d transplant the USA team to NBC and boot the current NBC execs. Then I realized that I like USA and don’t want those execs to go anywhere. Keep the quality where it is and left NBC fend for itself. They dug their own hole so why should USA suffer.

Here’s the article.

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The West Wing Invades USA

In In Plain Sight, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, The West Wing, USA on 05/18/2009 at 10:17 pm

I will proudly make it known to any and all anywhere at anytime that The West Wing was one of my favorite series of all time. From the first five minutes of the pilot to final second of the season seven finale, I enjoyed every damn second of that show. That’s one of the reasons I was pretty excited by last night’s USA lineup.

The other, of course, is that I really like “In Plain Sight” and “Law & Order:CI”, so I would have been watching anyway, but the big draw for last night was a special one in my book. In those two short hours we were treated to four West Wing alum spread through two shows. A good night indeed.

First up was “Law & Order:CI” with special guest Janel Maloney, affectionately known as simply Donna in my house. Both I and my room mate, who is more of a casual “West Wing” fan than I, became completely entranced by Maloney’s WW character, Donna Moss, and her guest appearances everywhere from Showtime’s (amazing) “Brotherhood” (especially her nude scene – yikes!) to “30 Rock” are celebrated heartily.

Her turn as a manipulative, adulterous wife of an equally adulterous pastor was a bit beyond what we’re used to seeing her play, but it was, as always, a treat.

Hour two is always WW alum territory with Mary McCormack starring as Deputy Mary Shannon of the U.S. Marshall Service in “In Plain Sight”. She’s seemingly tough-shelled with a fast mouth and brute atmosphere, until you see a bit deeper when she’s bogged down in family problems and guilt after shooting and killing an attacker in the season one finale.

McCormack was a late-comer to The West Wing, starring as a U.S. Naval Commander turned Deputy National Security Advisor Kate Harper in seasons 5-7. McCormack presented Harper much like Shannon, tough-shelled, good at keeping secrets, able to commit bodily injury easily. As with her new characters familial problems and sense of remorse, Kate Harper slowly falling into a romance with a West Wing co-worker showed that she’s not all vinegar and nails.

That WW romance took place with Deputy Speech Writer, Will Bailey, the oft-geeky wordsmith played by Joshua Malina. In a pleasing story line of “In Plain Sight”, Malina becomes an acquaintance of Mary Shannon’s goofy sister via an AA meeting the last few weeks. Malina’s appearance this week debuted a bit of character background: he’s filthy rich and interested in her sister enough to ask her to the Governor’s Ball.

It was nice to see both McCormack and Malina sharing a scene together, though the episode was nearly over before that happened. Atleast when the time came it was with a short quip, “It’s better if you breathe”, from Shannon to Peter (his character: Peter Alpert) upon viewing Shannon’s sister, Brandi, all dolled up for the ball, slightly remniscent of a WW quip.

Thankfully, it seems like Peter will be around a bit this season.

Finally, West Wing alum number four, Richard Schiff, a favorite of mine who has a new show premiering on Fox in next year’s mid-season, graced “In Plain Sight” with a one off appearance as a slick Jewish P.I. of sorts. The unnamed character had surprising wit that baffled McCormack’s Shannon, and her tough but caring demeanor worked him over, leading from annoyance on her part to a shared admiration.

Schiff, who’s character Toby Ziegler over played his Jewishness at times of frustration, which was often – Ziegler was a tightly wound wordsmith and, coincidentally, Will Bailey’s boss, played an old-school rabbi known for being able to track down anyone anywhere and being able to talk them into near anything with a patience that’s unbelievable to Marshall Shannon.

Their final scene together ended with the unnamed rabbi handing Marshall Shannon a business card and alluding to being able to find her long lost father, so here’s hoping for a repeat performance by Shiff.

Too bad USA’s Friday night buddy P.I. comedy “Psych” is between seasons or we could have had a whole week of The West Wing on USA as Dule Hill, who played personal aid to the President Charlie Young on West Wing, is now Gus, one half of the Psych Detective Agency. I’m thinking about starting a petition asking Elisabeth Moss, who played young Zoey Bartlett, first daughter and on again off again love of Charlie Young, to take time out from “Mad Men” and her engagement to Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armissen to play a damsel in distress on Psych.

It was nice to have a night of The West Wing stars on my DVR, even if it wasn’t The West Wing I was watching.

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Summer Schedule

In AMC, NBC, Summer Schedule, TNT, USA on 05/01/2009 at 2:58 am

It’s getting to be summer time. Late mid season replacements like Kings and Harpers Island have bombed and winners like Parks And Recreation and In Treatment will be wrapping up which means it’s time for new series all around.

For someone like me, who despises reality TV, the summer can be a real bummer. Not only is the season chock full of reality shows, but they’re even worse than the usual fare, which is why they’ve been dropped into the summer schedule.

There is some hope, though.

New series are in bold and you can find descriptions of them below.

Thursday June 4th
Burn Notice. 9pm. USA
Royal Pains. 10pm. USA
The Listener. 10pm. NBC

Sunday June 7th
Army Wives. 10pm. Lifetime

Monday June 8th
The Closer. 9pm. TNT
Raising The Bar. 10pm. TNT
Weeds. 10pm. Showtime
Nurse Jackie. 10:30pm. Showtime

Tuesday June 16th
Hawthorne. 9pm. TNT
Saving Grace. 10pm. TNT

Sunday June 21st
Merlin. 8pm. NBC

Wednesday June 24th
The Philanthropist. 10pm. NBC

Sunday July 12th
Meteor (Part One). NBC

Wednesday July 16th
Leverage. 9pm. TNT
Dark Blue. 10pm. TNT

Sunday July 19th
Meteor (Part Two). NBC

Sunday July 26th
The Storm (Part One). NBC

Sunday August 2nd
The Storm (Part Two). NBC

No date announced:
Diamonds. (May). ABC
Mad Men. AMC (Update 5/05/09 – TV Squad has listed an August 16th premiere)
Monk (Final Season). USA
The Prisoner. AMC
Mental. FOX

Descriptions of new shows:

Royal Pains. 10pm. USA. Thursday June 4th.
This could be a really good companion to Burn Notice. Looking forward to it.

ROYAL PAINS centers on young doctor Hank Lawson (Feuerstein) who seems to have it all … thriving career, beautiful girlfriend, and swank NYC apartment. With one fateful and principled decision in the ER, Hank loses it all. Months later, single and blackballed from the medical community, Hank goes for a weekend in the Hamptons with his brother (Costanzo). Crashing a party at a mega-mansion on the beach, Hank jumps into action when a guest requires medical attention that only he is able to diagnose. The next morning, Hank is summoned to another mansionand then another. Hank’s career is revived, but in a way he’s not exactly happy about, as he becomes the on-call doctor for the rich, famous and infamous. Anyone who’s anyone in the Hamptons has a lawyer on retainer. Now meet the newest accessory the concierge doctor.

See a preview at the USA webpage.

The Listener. 10pm. NBC. Thursday June 4th.
I’ve seen a couple episodes of this Canadian drama and have been relatively pleased and international ratings gave been good though reviews have been mixed.

“The Listener” centers on Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik, “The Timekeeper”), a 25-year-old paramedic who has a big secret — he’s a telepath. Until now, Toby kept his ability hidden, exploring its possibilities only with his longtime mentor and confidant, Dr. Ray Mercer (Colm Feore, “24: Redemption”). As he makes the rounds with his energetic paramedic partner “Oz” Bey (Ennis Esmer, “Young People F*#king”), “The Listener” follows Toby as he tries to help people in crisis, and in the process unravel the truth about his past. While his professional life is in check, Toby’s personal life could use its own rescue. And with the help of Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”) and his E.R. doctor/ex-girlfriend Olivia Fawcett (Mylène Dinh-Robic, “Da Vinci’s City Hall”), Toby realizes his gift can help others.

Nurse Jackie. 10:30pm. Showtime. Monday June 8th.
Excited to see Edie Falco’s return to TV, especially in a “dark comedy”. She certainly has the acting chops but we have yet to see her in such a role.

NURSE JACKIE is a half-hour dark comedy that is at turns wicked, heartbreaking and funny. Edie Falco stars as the title character Jackie O’Hurley, a strong-willed and brilliant — but very flawed — emergency room nurse in a complicated New York City hospital. A lapsed Catholic with an occasional weakness for Vicodin and Adderall to get her through the days, Jackie keeps the hospital balanced with her own kind of justice. Every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions. The series also stars Eve Best, Peter Facinelli, Merritt Wever, Haaz Slieman and Paul Schulze.

Hawthorne. 9pm. TNT. Tuesday June 16th.

HAWTHORNE comes to TNT from Sony Pictures Television in association with Pinkett Smith’s 100% Womon Productions, John Masius Productions and Jamie Tarses’ FanFare Productions. It was created by Emmy winner John Masius (St. Elsewhere, Providence, Dead Like Me), who also wrote the pilot script. Masius, Pinkett Smith and Tarses (My Boys) are executive producers for the pilot and the series. Mikael Salomon directed and executive-produced the pilot. The series co-stars David Julian Hirsh (Lovebites), Laura Kenley (Grey’s Anatomy), Christina Moore (90210) and Suleka Mathew (Men in Trees). HAWTHORNE takes place at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Richmond, Va., where the strong-but-caring director of nursing, Christina Hawthorne (Pinkett Smith), continuously fights battles she often knows she won’t win. Whether treating the homeless woman in front of the hospital like a human being or trying to talk a suicidal cancer patient off the ledge, Christina must challenge hospital administrators, heartless doctors, apathetic colleagues and a system that sometimes forgets it’s there to serve the sick. Recently widowed and the mother of a smart, willful teenager, Christina juggles her career with her equally important role as a single parent. Between the two, she barely has time for herself and has difficulty keeping things together. But she knows she has to and can’t give up on anyone. That’s what her passion requires; it’s what it takes to be a hero.

Merlin. 8pm. NBC. Sunday June 21st.
This could be really awesome or really terrible. Here’s hoping this doesn’t take after Crusoe.

“Merlin” is a new 13-part drama series that updates the story of the infamous sorcerer of Arthurian legend for a new audience in the mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began. In this fantastical realm, Merlin is a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers who arrives in the kingdom and quickly makes enemies, including the heir to Uther’s crown, the headstrong Prince Arthur. But guided by Uther’s wise physician Gaius, Merlin is soon using his talents not just to survive but also to unlock Camelot’s mystical secrets.

Merlin is an exciting fantasy series set in the mythic city of Camelot, but inspired by 21st century storytelling. Before Merlin and Arthur became legends, they were ambitious young men looking for adventure, hoping to live up to their families’ expectations, discovering love and finding their own true destiny, making mistakes along the way. This innovative, action-packed drama has cross-generational appeal and paints a picture of Merlin and Arthur’s early life that audiences have never witnessed before.

Starring Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Prince Arthur, Anthony Head as King Uther, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Katie McGrath as Morgana and Angel Coulby as Gwen, “Merlin” is an imaginative new twist on a legend that is as old as time. “Merlin” was created and produced by Shine Television (executive-produced by Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps) for the BBC and FremantleMedia Enterprises. FME holds the exclusive licensing, home entertainment (excluding U.K.) and distribution rights to “Merlin” and has invested in the series alongside Shine Television and BBC One.

The Philanthropist. 10pm. NBC. Wednesday June 24th.
Wasn’t this the basis of a reality TV show at some point?

“The Philanthropist” chronicles the heroic adventures of a billionaire playboy turned vigilante philanthropist. James Purefoy (“Rome”) stars as Teddy Rist, a successful and impulsive tycoon who decides to channel his passion, power and money into helping those in need.

Teddy Rist loves women, money and power. After the tragic death of his only child, Teddy has an awakening and becomes the world’s first vigilante philanthropist — a renegade billionaire who uses his wealth and connections to help people in need. Instead of spending $25,000 a plate at a fundraiser, he’s dodging bullets in third world countries to hand deliver vaccines. It’s an inspiring global adventure that will take you to the ends of the earth.

Rist’s actions are not just about helping others — he is purging his soul to help exorcise the inner demons that have been festering ever since his young son died and he lost everything he truly loved. The danger and risk to his life is the only way he can feel genuinely alive and he’ll do anything in order to achieve his goals.

A man who has everything but can feel nothing, Rist keeps his adrenaline pumping by putting his business head and money-making skills to good use through bargaining with the self-righteous, making deals with drug barons, and trading with the nefarious.

“The Philanthropist” boasts a heady cast of established and up-and-coming talent. Purefoy takes on the lead role of Teddy Rist, Jesse L. Martin (“Law & Order”) plays Teddy’s business partner and friend Philip Maidstone, and Neve Campbell (“Burn Up”) plays Philip’s wife Olivia.

Purefoy, Martin and Campbell are supported by a tremendous lineup of names from both sides of the Atlantic including Lindy Booth (“The 4400”), Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Wire”), Krista Allen (“The Starter Wife”) and newcomer James Albrecht.

Meteor. NBC. July 12th & July 19th.
Of course we’ve seen this before, whether it’s an earthquake or Yosemite erupting or whatever the case may be, but miniseries of this ilk are always fun to watch. Very excited to see Christopher Lloyd. It’s no surprise, of course, that he’s been cast as a scientist, but it’s good to have him back!

In “Meteor,” two massive rocks — tumbling debris older than the solar system itself — collide in space. The course has been altered. The target is Earth. In a remote observatory, Dr. Lehman (Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd, “Back to the Future”), discovers a meteor approximately three times the size of Mount Everest barreling its way towards Earth. His devoted young assistant Imogene O’Neill (Marla Sokoloff, “The Practice”) feverishly types in the coordinates only to find the previously identified meteor named Kassandra is headed their way. It’s only the beginning of their troubles as showers of smaller meteorites begin to lay waste to major cities around the globe.

The impending disaster brings out the best and the worst sides in people as they cope by either lending a helping hand or taking advantage of the situation. In a small California town, a police chief (Golden Globe nominee Stacy Keach, “Prison Break”) struggles to calm a panicky group of citizens. Miles away, his son Jack, a detective (Golden Globe nominee Billy Campbell, “Once and Again”), finds himself caught in the middle of the most difficult arrest of his career with the ill-timed transfer of a very dangerous psychopath named Stark (Michael Rooker, “JFK”). Then there’s the skeptical Dr. Chetwyn (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Jason Alexander, “Seinfeld”) who may be the only chance Lehman and O’Neill have to get their findings to the proper authorities in time to deflect Kassandra.

Time is running out in “Meteor,” in which eye-popping effects, explosive human drama, and hair-raising action combine to create a suspenseful, thrilling and dramatic new miniseries event from RHI Entertainment.

Dark Blue. 10pm. TNT. Wednesday July 15th.
TNT has had a couple of missteps lately (Trust Me), but here’s hoping…

DARK BLUE comes to TNT from Warner Horizon Television, with prolific producer Jerry Bruckheimer (the CSI series, Without a Trace), Jonathan Littman (the CSI series, Cold Case), Danny Cannon (the CSI series, Eleventh Hour) and Doug Jung (Big Love) serving as executive producers. KristieAnne Reed (Eleventh Hour) is co-executive producer. Cannon directed the pilot episode. The series co-stars Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C.), Omari Hardwick (TNT’s Saved) and Nicki Aycox (Supernatural). McDermott stars as Carter Shaw, the head of a crack undercover team of police officers who are so covert, many of their own colleagues don’t even know they are involved. Shaw is a deeply wounded character, having lost his wife and much of his former life as he struggles to bring down bad guys through complex undercover assignments. His team includes a recently married cop (Hardwick) who struggles with personal relationships he has developed while undercover; a shoot-from-the-hip officer (Marshall-Green) whose activities make fellow team members wonder if he has gone over to the bad side; and a green patrol cop brought in because of her excellent skill in lying and a shady past.

The Storm. NBC. Sunday July 26th & August 2nd.
Like I said, we’ve seen it before. Networks and viewers alike love apocalyptic miniseries with ignored, hero scientists and this summer we get two of them! No Christopher Lloyd this time but James Van Der Beek (who’s recent appearances on One Tree Hill and Medium have been amazing) AND Luke Perry will more than make up for that.

In “The Storm,” from RHI Entertainment, billionaire Robert Terrell (Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Treat Williams, “Everwood”) has fulfilled a lifelong obsession and made history with “weather creation” technology though his Atmospheric Research Institute. But during a test run, a blast of energy is sent into the ionosphere with unexpected results. The experiments hurtle the planet towards destruction — hurricanes change course, winds go instantly from hot to cold, torrential rains bring regions to a standstill, and buildings crumble into ruins under explosive lightning storms. It’s only the beginning.

Only one scientist, Dr. Jonathan Kirk (James Van Der Beek, “Dawson’s Creek”), steps forward to demand that the system be terminated. Terrell is undeterred and continues to push his team to move forward. His motives for the initially philanthropic technology are in truth far more opportunistic. With government cohort, Army General Braxton (David James Elliott, “JAG”), Terrell envisions the technology as a key military weapon to ensure superpower status.

Realizing he’s powerless to stop the project by himself, Kirk contacts news reporter Danni Wilson (Teri Polo, “Meet the Parents”) with plans to expose Terrell and explain the catastrophic weather to a bewildered and frightened world. It’s a task that won’t come easy, as Kirk quickly discovers the motives and loyalties of authorities are not in his favor. As devastating and extreme weather events hammer down on every corner of the earth, it will be a race against time to shut down the system before the planet is taken to edge of extinction.

Featuring a cast of television favorites including Emmy winner John Larroquette (“Boston Legal”), Luke Perry (“Beverly Hills, 90210”) and Marisol Nichols (“24”), “The Storm” is the ultimate tale of man against nature, and an epic miniseries event posing a tantalizing and terrifying what-if scenario.

Diamonds. ABC. Sometime in May.
A high budget Canadian miniseries. Production value seems pretty high and previews were impressive enough for me to download this before I heard of it’s stateside airing. Since it’s airing in the U.S., though, I’m actually gonna wait to watch it on my DVR. Like a good boy, I only DL when necessary. The series consists of five storylines based on the
“personal and political effects of the blood diamond trade on a global scale”. Not sure how this will differ from the movie Blood Diamond other than the lack of Leo DiCaprio, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

The Prisoner. AMC. No date announced.
A remake of the 1960’s classic.

n 2009, AMC will present The Prisoner miniseries, a reinterpretation of the British 1960s cult hit series starring and co-created by Patrick McGoohan.

A man, known as “Six,” finds himself inexplicably trapped in “The Village” with no memory of how he arrived. As he explores his environment, he discovers that his fellow inhabitants are identified by number instead of name, have no memory of any prior existence, and are under constant surveillance. Not knowing whom to trust, Six is driven by the need to discover the truth behind The Village, the reason for his being there, and most importantly — how he can escape.

Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ , The Thin Red Line) will play the role of “Number Six” and two-time Oscar Winner, Ian McKellen (Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code) will co-star as “Number Two.”

Mental. Fox. No Date Announced.
Only info on this show is that it’s a medical mystery from the producers of “The Division” and “Lois & Clark” starring Annabella Sciorra, who played Gloria Trillo on “The Sopranos”, and Chris Vance, who played James Whistler in “Prison Break”.

Netflix, Inc.

Apple iTunes

Blockbuster Total Access - 2 Week Free Trial

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NBC Renews Law & Order: SVU

In Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, NBC, USA on 04/16/2009 at 1:23 am

Good news for Mr. Dick Wolf – NBC has renewed Law Order: SVU for it’s 11th season. Talks are still under way for the return of Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. Word is they’re looking for a pay raise from their current $350,000 per episode. While the other two L&O franchises have weathered multiple cast changes popular opinion seems to be SVU couldn’t survive without the two. Perhaps those cast changes are why Law & Order: CI is now on USA and Law & Order sits on the bubble at the end of each season.

On that note, Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns this weekend on USA (which has been doing very well this year) and Variety also reported that NBC is still in talks to renew the original Law & Order for it’s 20th season. Word is, though, that it may be a shortened one with only about 16 episodes.

Get them at iTunes: Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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